What is a Tilting Drum Concrete Mixer, and what are the many types?

The advent of concrete mixers has simplified concrete operations on building sites. The employment of this machine has boosted the speed with which many jobs may be completed in a short period. What is the purpose of this mixing machine, and how does it work?

This is a machine that mixes substances in a clockwise manner and discharges in an anticlockwise direction while revolving. It’s frequently used to mix semi-dry concretes. Because of its minimal noise, high reliability, steady operation, and high productivity rate, it is commonly used in the building of roadways and residences. It’s also lightweight and simple to set up.

Tilting Concrete Mixer Types

A mixer that is powered by electricity

These tilt drum concrete mixers rotate the drum as it mixes and discharges the concrete using direct electric current. It has a power inlet port and a cone-shaped drum where the ingredients are mixed. The mixer mixes in the forward direction and discharges in the reverse direction.

Mixer powered by diesel

To efficiently mix the concrete, this sort of mixer employs diesel to power the engine and rotate the drum. It lacks an electrical intake connection port; therefore, it must rely on a diesel-powered generator to generate electricity. In a clockwise motion, the machine combines, and in an anticlockwise direction, it discharges. The machine can also be used in small-scale construction.

Selecting a Tilt Drum Concrete Mixer

Consider the output size, the condition of the associated equipment, maintenance operations, and the technocrat level necessary to run the tilting drum mixer. Consider the supplier’s rating, as well as the costs, efficiency, and quality of work.

The tilting drum concrete mixer has several advantages. 


It’s a portable machine that may be transported from one location to another. It is simply transported from one building site to the next by truck. Because the equipment is compact and takes up little room, there is no need to be concerned about transportation.


In the sector of building, the machine has several applications. It prepares concrete for use in the construction sector, as well as for road construction. The user must decide on the proportions in which the components should be blended. This necessitates a thorough comprehension of the current work’s requirements.


In comparison to hand mixing of concrete materials, which takes a long time to complete a task, the machine has a high-speed rating. Work that would normally take three days to perform by hand may now be completed in as little as one day. This reduces the expense of recruiting many people, making it more cost-effective.


In comparison to human labor, the machine mixes concrete excellently. It spins multiple times at a high speed to ensure that all the particles are mixed. Concrete that has been thoroughly mixed guarantees that the job is of the highest quality. These structures are quite durable.

This is ideal for small-scale sites to expedite construction. For long life and low maintenance cost, these mixers should be carefully maintained according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Always look for appropriate specs when purchasing equipment. To check the mixer level, check ladders Kenya.

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