All You Need to Know About Hosted Virtual Desktop (HVD)

Companies have always provided traditional desktops for employees, accessible only when they are at the office. But now, with more and more companies allowing their employees to work from home, workforce mobility and flexibility has become a priority. And one can achieve that with the help of HVD! Thanks to its fantastic performance, most Waterloo IT Support services are now offering to set up HVD for companies across the globe.

But what exactly is HVD, and how is it helpful? Want to know? Then read on as we explain these important details before you implement HVD in your company. So let’s get started!

What Is HVD?

HVD or Hosted Virtual Desktop is made on the VDI or Virtual Desktop Infrastructure platform. It helps virtual desktops be made on remote cloud servers to allow employees to access them away from office premises. HVD providers will also help you manage the cloud services in every way. 

The end-users or your employees can access the desktops from anywhere on the planet from any chosen device – be it their phone, tablet, laptop, or desktop. These cloud-hosted desktops are essential for every business as it allows full work premise virtualization. 

Studies have already found that by 2022, the virtual desktop market will grow at an astounding US$ 5 billion. In addition, it indicates that most companies worldwide are taking the help of Waterloo IT Support services to implement the system, and many others will do the same by the end of the year.

So why exactly are companies in favor of the HVD system? So let’s find out the benefits this system will provide for organizations across the globe. 

Benefits Of Using HVD 

  • Flexibility 

One of the primary reasons for choosing HVD is its flexibility. It provides freedom of work from any device and provides swiftness in any organization’s output. It also helps your employees to improve their work-life balance and reduces mental stress.

  • High Uptime

The HVD system promises increased uptime. It refers to increased productivity with access to any applications without any lag. So opt for the best HVD providers only as they promise a 99.99% uptime guarantee of the best results and performance.

  • Business Continuity

HVD has a special DRaaS system or Disaster Recovery as a Service system. It allows you to recover any lost information or data from the system’s remote data centers. It also ensures that your business continues to work and thrive and will not be hampered by any unforeseen data loss or unfortunate circumstances.

  • Promotes Green IT 

Last but not least, the HVD service helps to promote green IT. It refers to the fact that companies are now choosing to create cloud-based servers to save the environment. As a result, it ultimately helps to reduce carbon emissions from offline premises. 


Thus we can conclude that HVD is very useful for successfully implementing practices to survive and thrive. And if you think that it is the right fit for you, contact Waterloo IT Support and get HVD implemented as soon as possible. Visit our website today!

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