What are career options in tourism management?

Travel and tourism are among the largest employers in the world. The travel and tourism industry is evolving rapidly. Today, consumers are more aware of their needs compared to the past. They wish for a better return on investment in forms of luxury, comfort, quality, authenticity, and adventure. The tourism industry creates more job opportunities every 2.5 seconds to fulfill consumers’ growing needs and requirements.

A broad range of tourism careers pays big fat paychecks and opportunities to travel across the world. The industry encompasses various jobs, from entry-level positions to managerial roles. Although the duties and responsibilities of each role differ, good customer and transferrable skills remain constant. Gaining the right industry-relevant skills and knowledge through a Hospitality and Tourism Administration course can help you prepare for a career in the realm.

The technological advancement in the tourism field has created a host of job opportunities. Read on to explore the future work opportunities in the tourism industry that can give you an edge over competitors.

Job opportunities in tourism that will boom in 2022

  • Online travel agent

A global shift in travel trends and a surge in smartphone penetration have driven the demand for online travel agents. Several other factors lead to increased demand for online travel agents, such as government initiatives, increased events and shows, car rental opportunities, and revival of staycation post-pandemic. The progressive shift to online travel platforms from the traditional ones indicates that online travel agents are the future of the travel and tourism industry.

  • Travel insurance salesperson

People are more concerned about their health after the deadly coronavirus pandemic outbreak. Avid travelers know the importance of travel insurance while planning an itinerary. While many entry-level roles in travel and tourism do not pay a competitive salary, insurance and finance are something where making money has no limit. Professionals also have access to goal-based incentives and commissions besides salary.

  • Travel influencer

Social media platforms have transformed the way of doing business. They provide us with the opportunity to build our own business. Thus, many people prefer to start their own business rather than contribute to someone else’s vision. People are more aware of their interests, and social media channels present growth avenues. Travel influencers can also work for an organization’s social media campaigns.

  • Public Relations manager

Public Relations managers, also known as PR managers, are responsible for managing the reputation of a travel agency or any other organization. They advertise and publish information to build the goodwill of a business in the market. They work for hotels, travel agencies, event companies, and airlines in the tourism industry. They possess the skills to take on any complex challenges and handle any potential crisis.

Need a course?

To start a career in the tourism industry, students need to research jobs in the tourism industry. Studying a tourism management course will enable you to evaluate your skills in order to decide on your niche area. So, apply for the course to get started with your tourism career.

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