Tips to identify a suitable apartment for rent in Bangalore

Bangalore is a beautiful city located in South India. This city has emerged as the ‘Silicon Valley’ of India and has been compelling IT job seekers to apply to the leading companies here. Since the pay package and the post applied is good, many prefer to stay here in rent for a couple of years until they buy their own apartment. But how to identify the perfectly suitable apartment to rent in this city especially with thousands of them put up for rent? First-time travellers are sure to get confused. Going through some tips can help find out a proper place to live without having to compromise on convenience, comfort or money.

Things to consider identifying a room for rent

  • Transportation costs: Generally, travelling in urban areas requires portioning a small budget. There are different types of transportation modes present here like metros, public buses, Uber, autos, taxis and the like. You can get transportation here round the clock without any worry.  But transportation costs are to be taken into consideration, be it petrol money or bus fare, especially if you rent a home in the city outskirts. 
  • Urban or rural area: Flats in the city centre are quite expensive. But still, you may check out cheap rental flats that will allow you to stay comfortably close to your office or college. Staying at such places will help save time and transportation costs. 
  • Think Small: An apartment in Bangalore hi-tech city comes at a premium rate. More the number of rooms more are likely to be its rent. Again, selecting single room bedroom or studio will mean not being able to derive valuable space. However, you can enjoy huge monthly savings. Do evaluate the amount of space you will require to enjoy your existing lifestyle or try to make several adjustments to be stricter on your expenses, especially if you are on a budget. Also consider your storage needs, pets and visitors you may meet during your stay. 
  • Seek Roommate: Looking for flat and flatmates bangalore will allow you to save considerably. This is possible if you do not have problems with sharing your room with strangers. Every member added to the room is sure to slash its rental rates significantly. If you have a job that requires you to stay at the office for longer hours, then this can be a better option. It will reduce financial pressure while renting the room in the city centre or if you are a fresher with fewer budgets in hand. Do make sure that your roommate/s comes up with a written agreement laying clearly all essential obligations. 
  • Negotiate: Many landlords may be willing to negotiate on the rent amount during lean seasons and in places that experience little renter turnaround. Compare the rates of different apartments in the area to get a better deal. If you plan to stay for a longer time, then you are likely to get lower rental rates. You can even enjoy discounts if the landlord accepts 3- or 6-months advance rent at a time. Longer leases can also fetch better rental rates.
  • Hunt for apartments much early: It will not be a good idea to carry out last minute rental hunting especially in a megacity like Bangalore. This is because this city has hundreds of rental apartments spread all over the region and its outskirts. Rather, you are advised to start your search at least three months prior to leaving for the city. This will provide you with ample time to come across the best apartments and deals in your chosen location. Moreover, most current tenants are required to inform their landlords of their leaving the place much in advance or thirty days’ notice. This means, you can get to know which room will be suitable for your stay, get its review or even talk to the person occupying the room currently to know if it is worth the selection or not. 

Other basic aspects to consider

The type of features that you seek the apartment that you wish to rent is quite specific to your needs and lifestyle. Besides this, there are other basic things to consider. 

  • Convenience: Selecting a conveniently located apartment near to your office or college will be preferable. You can simply walk and enjoy life and work or study. Also, the selected apartment should be close to amenities like laundry, transportation, shopping, etc. 
  • Transportation: In case you are alone, new to the city, it is quite natural for you to not possess a two or three-wheeler. Hence, the apartment should have easy and quick access to public transportation. You should not spend unnecessary money on calling taxis or walking a long distance just to avail public transportation. If staying outskirts, then do consider transportation cost in our budget. This will provide a realistic image of your apartment cost. 

If you are on a budget, then do consider staying with flatmates in bangalore until you have the financial capability to stay independently.

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