What are the top attractions to be visited in the city of Jaipur?

None of the trips to the nation of India will be complete without spending time in Jaipur. Affectionately this particular place is known as the pink city which is mainly because of the blessing colour of the historic buildings. Basically, this is one of the most important points of India’s famous Golden triangle which is a very popular tourist circuit due to which everybody needs to visit the city of Jaipur at least once in their lifetime. Hence, at this time if you plan to stay in Fairmont Jaipur is definitely a good idea for individuals and some of the major places to be visited are explained as:

1. City palace: This is standing in the heart of the city, for approximately 3 centuries. This has been protected by the huge grand walls and fairy tale structures. This is the home to the modern-day royal family and is extravagant and enchanting. This is a sand-coloured regal abode. This particular place is one of the most eye-catching buildings in the whole city and ultimately includes different laws which are ultimately featuring entirely different types. The ground floor of this place is the price of admission but you need to book a private tour to go upstairs. Some of the places for sightseeing at this particular place include the Mubarak Mahal, peacock courtyard, Hall of public audience and other associated places which help in providing the display of an exquisite collection of miniature paintings as well.

2. Jantar Mantar: At the very first glance, this particular place will be looking nothing more than a bunch of large-than-life abstract cultures. But it is important to note down that this is not an art gallery ultimately is a collection of astronomical tools which are started by Rajput ruler Jai Singh II to measure heavy bodies 300 years ago. Each of the 20 or so structures is also included in the UNESCO World Heritage site which very well serves the distinctive purpose. The Observatory message sundial over here is particularly striking and ultimately provides people with a good number of benefits.

3. Hawa Mahal: If you are having any kind of preconceived notions about how the buildings in Jaipur look then definitely there is no need to worry because visiting this place will be definitely helpful in eliminating all the misconceptions. It was built in 1799 to allow the royal ladies in terms of watching the festivals on the street without being witnessed by the actual public. Tourists can \ easily learn about the history of sandstone architecture without any problem at the small medium and ultimately people can also enjoy the run throughout the palace without any doubt.

4. Amber Fort: This is another marvel of the city of Jaipur that will be definitely helpful in providing you with a good number of benefits. It was built in the year 1592 and is the Monolyth which is standing at top of a small hill which is roughly 20 minutes driving distance northeast of the centre of Jaipur. This is a pristine example of Rajasthani architecture and includes a good number of places to be visited. It is perfectly covered with the detailing of inlaid marble in every colour corner of the rainbow and the best part is that it also includes a spectacular garden courtyard outside. This is a UNESCO World Heritage site which also comes with a fascinating history of legends, romance and other associated things.

5. Albert Hall Museum: This is one of the most important places to be visited in the city of Jaipur and is the oldest possible museum in Rajasthan. This is an extensive collection of art along with historically significant artefacts. This particular place comes with a significantly good number of benefits and also includes the permanent exhibits of miniature paintings which have been used by people from different castes. Visiting this place at night whenever it will be multicoloured is a good idea so that everyone will be able to enjoy easy access to the exterior of the alluring building.

6. Birla Mandir: Since the entire city of Jaipur is dipped from top to bottom in pink, this particular place is white and is very well standing out in terms of the big time. This particular Hindu temple is paying tribute to the Goddess Lakshmi which is the goddess of wealth and purity. This particular marvellous structure includes the right atmosphere of appreciating the marble carvings so that everyone will be able to enjoy the gorgeous sunset fuse. You will not be requiring more than 30 minutes to get a sense of this particular place but the experience will be definitely worth it because it will be providing you with a restorative break from the sightseeing activity.

7. Amrapali Museum: When the founders of Amrapali jewels started collecting antique jewellery they very well required and realised that they need to have access to a particular museum to display such things. This particular jewellery museum in Jaipur is including of two floors of the best possible jewellery from the whole world and very well justify Indian craftsmanship. This particular display very well highlights the Rajasthani culture of gold, silver and other precious gemstones. All of these pieces are available for display only and ultimately you will be able to enjoy easy access to the purchasable options as well.

8. Museum of legacies: For much of history lovers, Rajasthan comes with a significant factor of handicrafts and works of art from the house of people who lived here for the private collections. The majority of the things are unavailable to the public but the government of Rajasthan has very much support even opening the museum of legacies. This is a two centuries old mention which includes an assortment of Indian embroidery, puppets and paintings.

Hence, shifting the focus to planning the stay in Fairmont Jaipur is definitely a good idea for individuals so that everyone will be able to spend the best time in the city without any doubt. The above-mentioned places will be definitely the perfect opportunity of witnessing the magnificence of this particular city in the state of Rajasthan without any problem.


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