Choose the right Five-star hotel in Mahabaleshwar

One of the famous tourist spots of Maharashtra is a town called Mahabaleshwar. There are multiple reasons why this town has emerged as a tourist spot in India. Mahabaleshwar is the origin spot of the Krishna River which makes it a pilgrimage spot for Hindus all around the globe. Moreover, due to its geographical placement, it is recognized as a hill station and once was the summer capital of Bombay’s presidency during the British period in India.

With the increasing number of pilgrims and tourists due to its location and climate, there has been an immense movement of tourists in this place which has further created a requirement for big hotels for the tourists. Nowadays there is every type of hotel available in the region for all the category of tourists, which is why 5 star hotels in Mahabaleshwar are trending nowadays, among the tourist.

Choosing the right five-star hotel is never easy because every member of the family on vacation has his own choice and expectations from the hotel, one wants it to be a peaceful place and the other wants it to be a happening and crowded place.

Tourists are not always aware of the exact locality or details of the property, which they are planning to book. It can be a surprise for them if not researched properly, so a few things are to be kept in mind before choosing a 5-star hotel for your vacation or pilgrimage.

  • Luxury Interiors: Every person booking a 5-star hotel would want that the hotel should be esthetically beautiful to the eyes of the guest. A good interior is the first thing that the guest notices and as it’s said that the first impression is the last. The hotel’s interiors can help change the guest’s mood, and that’s the first thing a guest wants, to be happy during the vacation.

These luxury interiors help differentiate these 5-star hotels from other available hotels or even your own house. Nowadays these 5 star hotels are theme-based designed, for example, forest cottages or villa-style hotels, and these themes help the guests to finalize the hotel for their vacation.

  • Lighting: A perfect light will set up the environment just right as per the theme selected by the hotel. A dim and soothing light is always preferred since the guest is expected to relax and gather peace of mind and a bright light will instead give pressure on the eyes and will not have a calming effect. Therefore, a perfect lighting setup is very important when choosing a 5 star hotel.
  • Staff Hospitality:  Good Hospitality is the key to success for any 5 star hotel, and any guest visiting a 5 star hotel would want to be treated like a king or a queen and nothing less than that. Good Hospitality from the staff makes the stay easy for the guests and gives a lasting effect. Good hospitality is one thing that every guest takes back home, and this is the biggest reason for the guest to come back to this hotel again. 5 Star hotels have to maintain this hospitality because their brand image rests on the feedback given by the guests for the hotel. All these 5 star hotels usually have multiple branches in different cities and countries, if the hospitality of one property is doubted, it’s a spot on the image of other hotels under the group as well.
  • Room maintenance and Interiors: A room is a place that becomes the second home for the guest for the few coming days. A maintained and the clean room will give all the positive and calming vibes to the guest, giving them the feel of vacation and what a 5 star hotel room should feel like.Please Visit here For more idea about Home Appliances

Room interiors help in creating a theme for the room. Big paintings and huge beds with carpets will give a maharaja room-like feel to the guests and on the other hand, an open room with big windows will give a feel of breezy and nature-friendly room.

  • Room Services: No guest will ever want to work on his vacation, and small daily tasks like making the bed or cleaning the room sound like a job that is done on daily basis. When on a vacation no one wants to indulge in these day to day jobs and want a break from all these things. Therefore, a good room service be it for cleaning or food delivery in the room, the guest will always expect the best from the hotel.

Any request done by the guest from the room has to be fulfilled in the best and the fastest way possible.This is also one of the things that the guest will take back home, so understanding the room service quality is very important before making the booking.

  • Basic Amenities: There are a few basic things that every guest will expect from the room and its availability in the room is the most important thing for some:
  1. A hot water kettle with complimentary tea and coffee sachet set. 
  2. A small fridge in the room for storing call water or even food. 
  3. Basic cups, glasses, and cutlery in the room.
  4. A dental kit in the washroom.
  5. 24-hour electricity and water service with geyser.
  6. A good big bed with a comfortable mattress. 
  7. Wifi service. 
  8. Clean and sanitized bathroom.
  9. Locker service.
  10. Free parking.
  11. Option for extra pillows and sheets.
  12. Fitness center. 
  13. Exit map from the room to the lobby in the situation of emergency.
  14. Hand towels, bathing towels, and bathrobe.
  15. Extra bed facility for families wanting to stay in one room. 
  • Feedback and reviews from the previous guests: All the 5 star hotels in Mahabaleswar are providing the best of the facilities to the guests and that’s one of the reasons why the tourism and 5-star hotel business has flourished in that region. However, it is better to always look for the reviews and feedback on the portal from which you will make the bookings, to know the firsthand experience of the previous guest. Good feedback is last on the checklist but the most important before making the booking for the guest.


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