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Why does the follower number on the Instagram matter?

Over 1,000,000 people access Instagram every month. There is no redundancy of Instagram users that you can get as followers. Increasing your follower count is one of the primary goals of most influencers or brands and businesses using Instagram. However, what is the number seen for an average person? How do you determine if you rank above or below the average number? The number of Instagram followers can depend on a variety of factors.

Do you know your standing?

The best way to compare your follower numbers with another Instagram user who belongs to a similar niche. If you have a follower number identical to them, you are doing good in your content or niche. However, if you are low, you have to pick up your socks and do better in your Instagram game.

If you are a brand or company just starting on Instagram, you can buy real Instagram followers. Having a good count of followers will boost your brand identity and instill faith in your brand in the audience who comes and looks at your profile.

Why is the following ratio important?

Instagram allows each user to have infinite follower numbers. However, the number of people you can follow is restricted. At maximum, a user can follow 7500 people at once. If you are trying to boost your Instagram growth, you have to focus on your follower number, not on the number of people you are following. With around 1000 followers, you will get more micro-influencers and sales. Suppose you are somewhere between 1000 to 1500 followers, but you are following many more people. In that case, it will look like you are desperately trying to enhance the follower count by using the follow unfollow technique. This is not the correct way of getting the most followers possible.

This ratio must be kept under control if you look for marketing partnerships or influencer work. When your follower count exceeds the number of 15,000, others will start to look at you as an influencer. Once you have gained the tag of an influencer, the quality of your content will determine whether others will follow you or not. By now, people would stop paying attention to your following ratio.

Ratio indicators


You are a spammer

Suppose a user has a disproportionate number of accounts they are following than the people following them. In that case, it indicates that they are extremely inexperienced with the automation tools of Instagram and are following other accounts in the hope of receiving a follow back. Therefore, there is less chance of you getting influencer jobs.

0.5 – 1

You are a suspicious person.

If you have a one-to-one follower ratio, you are either following the wrong people or you have low-quality content. This way, you can lose your followers very quickly.


You are an average person.

If you have a 1:1 or 2:1 ratio, you successfully use Instagram automation tools. Now, you must focus on different strategies to further increase your engagement.


You are a micro-influencer.

These ratios implicate that you are an expert in using the Instagram automation tools and fit to be a micro-influencer.


You are an influencer.

If you have a ratio of over 10:1 followers versus following, you are either a micro-celebrity or an idol who is very well known across social media.

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