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More Likes on Instagram: 9 Tips to Get More Likes and Comments on Instagram

Getting more likes on Instagram is a challenge for many Instagram sites. In this article you will find the best tips & tricks to get not only more likes, but also more comments on Instagram. 

The most important thing first: I assume that your posts on Instagram are designed in an appealing way. As is well known, the beauty is in the eye of the beholder – but you have to realize that Instagram is not Facebook and that the visual aspect plays a big role on Instagram. So your posts should not only be relevant to your followers and offer them added value, they should also look beautiful.

Now it can start!

  1. More likes on Instagram: activate notifications (leave)

What is the first requirement to like a post on Instagram? Exactly, your followers have to see it first. But since Instagram continues to grow and new users are added, there is significantly more competition in the timeline than 2-3 years ago. For this reason, Instagram has introduced the algorithm that ensures that only the most relevant posts are shown to each user. But there is the possibility to activate the notifications for individual accounts. If your followers do this with you, they will always be informed via push notification as soon as you post a new post. The chances that you will see him and like him or comment on him are much greater.

  1. Like and comment on other users

Instagram is just not a one-way street. If you want to have more likes and comments on Instagram, then you have to participate and be active yourself. So you should like and leave comments on other accounts as well. In this way you not only get more likes and comments, but possibly more followers – because this is how these users become aware of you. In addition, you shouldn’t ignore the comments you get on your posts and respond to them as soon as possible. Get more likes by Getinsta app for further details continue to read the entire article.

  1. Experiment with the posting times for more likes on Instagram
  • If you believe a study from 2013, the time of a posting hardly plays a role. The interactions were measured at different times and no clear difference was noticed. In addition, the algorithm ensures that “older” postings are still seen if they are considered relevant to the user.
  • Nonetheless, there will be times that are more appropriate for your target audience. Of course, that depends a lot on who you want to reach with your posts on Instagram.
  • In general, Instagram usage in Germany increases in the afternoon and evening. You can see what this looks like for your account in the statistics of Instagram.
  • Experiment with different times and see if you notice a big difference. If not, then post when it suits you best.
  1. Reduce the posting frequency

This is also not a blanket rule and something that you can only find out by trial and error. Theoretically, however, Instagram needs some time to display your posts “completely”. That has to do with the algorithm again: It has to assess how your post will be received by some of your followers and whether it is worthwhile to show it to several.

  • That’s why I recommend paying attention to the interactions with your last post. As long as you still get likes and comments on your current post, you don’t necessarily have to post the next one.
  • If the interactions decrease, then your post has received maximum reach and interactions and you can post the next post.
  1. Post blue pictures

Believe it or not, some studies have found that images where blue is the predominant color get up to 24% more likes than images where red or orange predominate.

  1. Keep the image processing subtitle

The same study probably found that images without a filter show the highest interaction rate. I believe, however, that it makes a difference whether you use a strong filter or edit your images subtly and consistently. In my opinion, it is even better to ensure a uniform “look & feel” on your profile for recognition – and that is possible with the help of filters and editing apps, among other things. Just don’t overdo it.

  1. Hashtags, hashtags, hashtags

Instagram doesn’t work without hashtags. A study by found that a single hashtag can bring you up to 29% more likes!

  • But a hashtag is not just a hashtag. You need the RIGHT hashtags – and by “right” I mean exactly the hashtags that your ideal follower uses on Instagram.
  • I recently did an experiment on Instagram and posted a post without any hashtags. In this Instagram post, I summarize the results.
  1. Tell the story behind it

To get more likes on Instagram, don’t just post a picture with a bunch of hashtags. Use the picture description to tell a little story about the picture. Pictures say more than 1,000 words, but sometimes it is the words that make your subscribers like the picture or leave a comment.

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Bonus tip

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