Why CloudPages is the best cPanel Alternative

Are you still confused about which website-management panel to consider for your WordPress websites? Well, you aren’t alone. Choosing one for yourself can become tricky with so many leading online control panels out there. However, we’ll save you the effort by narrowing down the options. By now, if you have searched online for an online control panel, CyberPanel must have popped up several times. However, we have the best cPanel alternative  to put you on track to manage your WP projects easily.

After going through many options, we can state that CloudPages is a reliable cPanel alternative that can be trusted. Though this service is fairly new in the industry, its features and pricing have made it stand out as a strong competitor.

CloudPages vs. CyberPanel

CloudPages Features

CloudPages offers many features that prove this service is worth trusting. As a developer, you’ll find ease in managing your websites through CloudPages. To start, it offers fast deployment. That means deployment takes only a few minutes. Other than that, it provides a WordPress Manager. Now you can manage all your WP sites from this online control panel. In addition, you’ll get ZeroSSL certificates for free on the websites you add to your panel. You are free to deploy your own custom SSL as well.

Also, you can provide access to your website management panel to your team members. You can choose from a variety of PHPs based on the niche of your website.

If you ever feel lost, CloudPages offers an excellent knowledge base that offers detailed guides on how you can easily create a project, deploy a server, deploy WordPress, and manage your websites. Vultr, AWS, Hetzner, and even DigitalOcean can now be used to quickly set up your fast websites.

CloudPages is also one of the few services that is compatible with LiteSpeed. That means they can ensure that all your websites will be super-fast as soon as LSCache starts working its magic.


CloudPages is popularly known for offering the most economical packages. You can also use the free 7-day trial to give it a go and pay later. If you wish to see the difference on your site, you can also go for the free option with one server, one web allocation, and much more.

If the monthly plan isn’t enough and you wish to save money, you can also subscribe to the yearly plan and get a discount.


● Features

CyberPanel is all you need to set up your WordPress hosting. It has many features that attract developers. To start, you can be sure that your websites will be fast once you deploy them on CyberPanel’s control panel. Your websites will be fast thanks to LSCache, page, and server-level caching.

You have the authority to add as many WP sites as you wish. However, due to its focus on WordPress sites and features, many consider it a bad option for beginners and companies with websites run on other CMSs.

Your sites are secure with the easy and automatic SSL integration for all websites deployed. You can set custom email limits and create packages that restrict the number of domains, websites, and disk space with clients you’ll share access to.

● Pricing

CyberPanel offers three pricing options:

  • A free and open-source plan. This is great for those who are on a budget. This plan is 100% free forever for unlimited domains. Many people find it the most attractive element of CyberPanel.
  • A paid version called the CyberPanel Enterprise.
  • A paid service known as CyberPanel Cloud. This allots you one cloud dashboard that allows you to manage all CyberPanel installations in one place.

As we talk about pricing, I’d like to highlight one alarming thing that has troubled many. In the free plan, you can only opt for community support. However, if you get stuck or need help from their team, you can reach out to them for paid support. – Looks like CyberPanel took the phrase “Nothing comes for free” too seriously.

The support plans are listed below.

The Verdict

You aren’t alone if you are still confused about which control panel to choose. Many fail to understand which one is better. However, with the features and pricing plans discussed, you can get a better idea that CloudPages is a reliable CyberPanel alternative to trust in terms of pricing, features, and especially support!

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