How to Simplify 5G device testing with LTE 4G/5G tester equipment & RF drive test tools?

On the long way from production to execution, mobile devices undergo loads of countless tests which are of many types. It is true when it comes to 5G and testing with 5g tester, 5G test equipment, 5g network tester tools and RF drive test tools & equipment, RF tester software app & network LTE 4g tester. That is where mobile industries are looking for an easy and user-friendly test so that measurement with equipment makes straightforward testing and allows the operators to work efficiently with the high priority customization with a short learning curve and uniform look.

The difficulty of the technology involved including mm waves, wider bandwidths, carrier aggregation, and flexible network architecture is growing. This is why it is necessary to seek new and innovative test approaches to ensure the performance of a device across different layers.

Test equipment like 4G/5G network simulators, signal generators, signal analyzers, and radio communication testers have a very similar set of functions although not the same precision and depth. Unless they can simulate all the functional diversity of a mobile network for the Device Under Test (DUT). Also, these devices should initiate, measure, and evaluate all the possible communication between a smartphone or any other mobile device and the network.

Basically, a uniform test involves the user configuring the exact functions and displays the task that is needed including RF parameters measurements, protocol tests, performance analysis, and extensive validation of test runs.

Hence adding 5G (NR) capabilities to the current test system for LTE and legacy standards will provide seamless evolution. For example, say users can add a test platform extension and equivalent test chamber. This test set-up is suitable for all testing 5G NR use cases in 5G implementation guideline 3GPP option 3x and option 2 in both non-standalone modes.

One of the advantages of using RantCell app is that it can be installed on DUT such as Android or iOS smart phones and perform tests on real networks rather than simulators.

How does RantCell app provide device testing and Field testing?

  • Performing stress testing of DUT under real operator’s networks example generating thousands of uploads and download tests throughput tests and voice calls.
  • Voice quality measurement.
  • Functional testing
  • Software Launch/Trial testing .example new firmware release on Android or iOS
  • Benchmarking user experience
  • Regression testing using test automation suite
  • Mobility testing 5G,4G,3G, and 2G Radio access network
  • Reliability of the device

Testing the devices in a real live network instead of a simulated network environment in the lab.

How is 5G smart phone device field testing done?

  • Drive testing
  • Validation of voice and PS data handovers
  • SS in adjacent cells and switch over to the right cell
  • Call drops
  • Inter-RAT handovers (VoLTE,2G,3G)
  • Carrier interference (C/I) Ratio
  • Dropped calls Blocked Call identification
  • Battery testing

In general, there are multiple levels of tests that are held in so many ways before the 5G device is commercially launched

  • UI research method with hypothesis testing, statistical hypothesis.
  • Testing the functionality to assure that the apps are working efficiently
  • User Interface to ensure that end-user faces no difficulty
  • Server-side testing is done directly on the web without any client intervention
  • To ensure that mobile apps are working properly and can work efficiently under the workload
  • According to the mobile-first approach, any program designed must be on the mobile phone before reaching the big screen

In conclusion, 5G device testing can be simplified by adopting smart and efficient tools and by implementing automation with reliable tools. This will not only simplify 5G DUT testing but also help in reduction of time taken to launch new 5G devices to market.

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