What Are Magnetic Strips In Office/Home Applications?

Imagine having to scour through heaps of documents to find something important. Or, maybe you want to organise your home or office desk to increase productivity. Either way, the magnetic tape will help you keep your documents secured.

There are over 2,402,254 active businesses in Australia. And, half of them use office premises. So, if you are in those numbers, getting magnetic strips/tape will help.

Usually, in office/home applications, you cut these tapes into various sizes. Then, you stick it on different surfaces after attaching the documents for easy reachability. Read on to know more about this magnetic material’s usages.

What are Magnetic Strips?

Magnetic strips or tapes are solid yet flexible magnets. It is malleable enough to fit into various surfaces, including curved and flat ones.

You can easily dismantle it and cut it into different shapes or sizes using a pair of scissors. In some cases, you can even utilise a crafting knife and cut it into tiny pieces for safekeeping. Furthermore, you can slit, stamp, laminate, and punch these tapes to attach documents onto any steel surface.

The surface can be ferrous, but the magnet is strong enough to latch onto it.

Offices in Australia live using such magnetic materials because of their cost-effectiveness and efficiency. You will find a healthy supply of magnetic strips varying in colour, size, and thickness in the market.

What are Magnetic Strips Used for?

A magnetic tape or a strip is malleable, which means you can bend it to your will. It comes infused with a bendable material having versatile usage. Therefore, you can deal with various office-storage related issues.

Magnetic materials can offer a solution for office applications. At the same time, you can use it for commercial and industrial purposes as well.

Ideally, you will consider them to be customisable and easy to use, irrespective of the shape. Moreover, such strips or tapes can fit any surface – be it round, curved, flat, or otherwise. The best surface for using this material is on the fridge, shelving, and whiteboards.

Due to its flexible nature, it can complement any metallic surface found in Australia.

Magnetic Strips Applications

There are online stores that sell high-quality tapes made from the magnet. Once you get them, you can use them for applications like:

  • Turn them into magnetic labels to organise office shelling/warehouse documents.
  • Get colour-coordinated magnetic labels to create an effective organization system in the office and home.
  • Stick them to essential documents and adhere the tape onto a memo or whiteboard.
  • Make DIY craft elements like promotional labels, banners, posters, and displays.
  • Turn them into a photo display adhesive in the office and home.

Magnetic Strips Variations

As mentioned earlier, you can get any magnetic tape in variable sizes, shapes, and dimensions. These strips come in different forms, namely:

  • C-Channel
  • Labels
  • U-Channel
  • Pre-Cut

So, the applications from this material are infinite.

The Bottom Line

Magnetic tape is a self-adhesive material that has numerous applications in your home, office, and more. It can offer you not only storage versatility or flexibility but also safety.

Indeed, you can keep your documents secured on a ferrous surface without worrying about losing them. These materials have a high-performing magnetic power that has remained effective for a long time.

But, most of all, this is a cost-effective solution, and you can reuse your strips as you please!

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