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The formation and development of market relations in the Russian economy mainly concerns real estate objects that serve as means of production (land, production, warehouses, retail, administrative and other buildings. location, and structure).

In addition, real estate objects include land and residential buildings. Summer cottages, apartments, and garages serve as consumer goods.

Real estate objects, which serve as the basis of social production, are the basis of economic activity. All forms of corporate development and ownership Real estate is characterized by goods bought and sold, i.e., circulating in the market.

The privatization of enterprises and enterprises taking place in the country and the emergence of various corporate and legal forms of ownership have led to qualitative changes in the field of investment (турецкое гражданство за инвестиции) and construction and the allocation of independent divisions – the real estate market. But the real estate market, which is part of the investment market, is unique. It represents the extent of real estate investment and the system of economic relations formed during the expansion of production. This relationship appears between builders and investors when buying and selling real estate, mortgages, rents, etc.

First of all, the task aims to identify the features of the analysis of the real estate market in modern Russia to determine the concept of real estate and the organizational and legal nature of real estate as an investment object to affect performance. Investment project. A paper analyzes methods and directions of real estate investment analysis.

When writing the work, the regulated laws of the Russian Federation are applied, as well as information from the websites of companies engaged in investment (турецкое гражданство за инвестиции) analysis.

Business success in terms Most market economies are predetermined by the quality of information based on responsible financial decisions. That is why the collection and processing of analytical data. This includes marketing information. It is currently a topic of study separate from scientific and methodological perspectives and is a matter of independent business.

1. property

According to the Civil Code of the Russian Federation, a Real estate is an object of ownership (property), including land, subsoil plots, some water sources, and everything closely related to lands, such as objects which cannot be moved without value damage, including forests, woody plants, buildings, and structures.

Real estate also includes the subject of state air registration and Marine ships, naval ships, and space objects. Immovable objects may also include other assets, which is a mandatory registration of rights from a legal point of view. The critical feature is property rights, Lifetime ownership rights, Economic or permanent management, use, mortgage, relief, and other rights established by the Civil Code of the Russian Federation.Visit here more information Blackboard DCCCD

1.1. Market Value and Real Estate Investment

The market and investment (турецкое гражданство за инвестиции) value of real estate depends on the property’s value, which, in turn, is determined by the property’s ability and ability to meet the specific needs and maintain the rights and interests of the owner as a result of it. Ownership of the property. The combination of these factors, taking into account the cost of building or acquiring the owned object, determines the value of this object. The theory of property valuation (property) is as follows. A short definition of property market value: The property’s market value measures how much a fictitious buyer is willing to pay for a property of its value.

In real estate appraisal theory, value and price are different. The price is the amount paid for the object acquired in the previous transaction. In addition, the price means The amount that the seller would like to receive for the property currently offered for sale.

Market Value of Real Estate – Fundamentals of Theory (and practice) of real estate appraisals are understood as the possible appraisal price. The property can be passed from the hands of the seller who wants to sell to the buyer who wants to sell. But when one of them is not forced to sell the object, another part is forced to buy.

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