Why Should You Opt For RO Annual Maintenance?

Water purifier plays an important role in human life as it brings healthy and contamination-free water. Drinking pure and contaminated water also prevents the spread of waterborne diseases. There are various kinds of water purifiers in the market and you can look for the best if you don’t have any water purifiers at your house. But before you buy a water purifier for your house ensure to check your regular drinking water quality as it is something that can help you in getting the best and ideal water purifier for your home.

Consuming contaminated water can be harmful to the body as it leads to various kinds of health issues like Typhoid, Cholera, Diarrhea, and many others. More than 80% of the Indian population is affected by water-borne illness every year. So, it is essential to purify your drinking water with a good quality RO water purifier.

Unfiltered water contains harmful chemicals and carries inorganic substances that result in water-borne diseases and other stomach problems. Therefore, maintaining a RO water purifier is as vital as investing in a good quality water purifier. So, keep in mind the quality of your drinking water and contact the RO Service Helpline number and know about the RO AMC and RO AMC cost.

Five Common Problems In Water Purifiers And Their Cause

Unusual Taste Or Smell From The Filtered Water

Cause: It might be due to biofilm accumulating in one or more parts of the water purifier. A biofilm accumulates a thin layer of organic and inorganic substances on the surface of a water purifier, which results in the rise of contaminants levels in the water.

Similarly, RO water purifiers use metallic tubing in their procedure. So, if you find that the water has a metallic taste, in that case, that suggests a high amount of sulfate, chloride, bicarbonate, and other elements dissolved in the water to eliminate the metallic taste of the water.

Delayed Water Flow From The Water Purifier

Cause: If the water purifier releases less amount of purified water and relatively slowly at the same time, this might be because of either low volume or low water pressure.

There could also be malfunctioning in the water storage tank of the purifier, leading to a slow flow of water.

Odd noise In The Water Purifier’s Faucet

Cause: This is one of the very common problems in the RO system. It is caused when you change the filter cartridges or install a new system, the air gets pushed out. Also, it can be associated with the change in the water pressure within the system.

Leakage In Purifier’s Filter/Membrane

Cause: The leakage may arise from an ill-fitted part or any damage to the filter/membrane.

1. The System Suddenly Runs Without Stopping, Or The Water Does Not Fill Up Completely In The RO Water Tank

Cause: The water storage tank does not fill up completely because of extremely low water pressure in the purifier or damaged RO membrane. A faulty membrane will fail to purify water properly.

Similarly, if the system runs without stopping, it might be because of the wrong installation of a filter membrane or might be due to improper water pressure. Ideally, the pressure of the water purifier has to be 35-40 PSI (Pound Per Square Inch).

Thus it becomes necessary to always check your water purifier to protect it from further damage.

However, low-graded water purifiers or lousy maintenance may also lead to improper functioning of your system, affecting your health. So, pick up your phone and book your water purifier AMC online or contact your nearest water purifier service provider to get the details about regular servicing.

Why Do You Need Regular Servicing Of Your Water Purifier?

  • The carbon filters and membranes present in water purifiers need to be changed every year for it helps remove chlorine and other harmful contaminants from the water
  • The RO water purifiers filter out different types of contaminants present in water; the filters may get clogged after a short period. Thus, the lack of proper maintenance and servicing affects the proper functioning of your appliance
  • Any sort of leakages or drips may lead to further problems, even damage to the product. So it is needed to take proper maintenance of your water purifier to save it from any damage in the future
  • Sanitizing and cleaning the RO water storage tanks and pipes are necessary for the proper productivity and functioning of your RO water purifier
  • Regular servicing of your water purifier is the primary step that will help your water purifier work flawlessly and protect your family from any harmful diseases
  • Regular servicing of your RO water purifier increases its efficiency and ensures that you get to drink clean and healthy water
  • To ensure the efficiency of your water purifier, it is essential to maintain it properly. Opting for a RO AMC is a smart step to reduce the cost of repairing and replacement


The importance of refined and healthy water in our daily lives cannot be taken for granted. A good quality water purifier ensures proper filtering of water that will be devoid of germs or any organic impurities. Thus regular servicing and maintenance of water purifiers from authorized technicians ensure prolonged and smooth functioning and optimum purification.

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