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Setting Up a Facebook Page

The first thing to get Facebook work for your marketing needs is to create your own Facebook page. This page will be designed to market your work and let you interact with others. Your page is the one thing that people are likely to see when they notice you on Facebook. This is where people will see what you want to share and what makes your work special and attractive.

Setting Up a Facebook Profile

You need a Facebook profile created before you build a Facebook page. Every page needs an associating profile. This allows a Facebook user to have access to the page. There are a few steps to get your Facebook profile set correctly:

  1. Go to the Facebook home page and click on the SignUp box.
  2. Enter details: your name, email, birth date and gender. The birth date is required to confirm that you are old enough to have a profile. The date might also determine the types of content you see on the site. The gender information may establish the demographics, although it could influence some of the things you get on a page

Produce Identifying Information

Add the appropriate identifying information onto your site. This data distinguishes your website from everything else on Facebook. It may also work for search engine requirements, as the data you provided is included in Facebook’s integrated search engine, among others. You can always use various keywords in your information section too. These should make your page more visible.

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Make sure the profile you are converting is relevant to your business. You cannot afford to let your social media marketing efforts become personal. The profile has to be directly about the business and informative to readers. Anything that is too personal could become unappealing and could even feature words or values that conflict with what you want your business to express to others.

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