Make the best choice on hiring a towing truck company.

Who does not have childhood memories of seeing the tow truck on the road? Everybody would have seen a big vehicle towing a damaged car or a defaulter car parked at no parking. Well, that’s the exact use of a tow truck in Brisbane. It is always better to be cautious than unprepared during an emergency. Unexpected accidents can happen at any time, so knowing about a tow truck service can be favourable during the emergency juncture. They respond to your needs quicker and faster when they know you.

They also find functions in the vehicle transportation sector. A survey held in 2016 concluded that 54% of households in Greater Brisbane had more than one motor vehicle than 50% of households in other capital cities in Australia. With the increase in the number of cars, the tow truck in Brisbane gained importance. The tow truck works with some fascinating working principles. The bracket of the vehicle gets fitted in between the car’s wheels, and the pins of the tow truck help secure the car. The tow truck driver operates to fit the vehicle properly into the clutches of the tow truck. An experienced hoist vehicle driver can complete this process within minutes.

There are types of tow trucks classified as light-duty, medium-duty, and heavy-duty. This classification depends on the weight the trucks can handle. So it is essential to know and ask a couple of questions to the tow truck service providers.

Questions to ask before hiring a tow truck company

What services do they offer?

Nobody expects an accident; it all happens within the blink of an eye. The prime causes of accidents in Brisbane are speeding, drunk driving and fatigue. It is always better to ask what all services they offer. Some companies only provide towing services. Meanwhile, other companies provide other services like road assistance, first aid, etc. You cannot be sure that all companies offer all services. You should know what services your company furnishes during an emergency and their towing types.

What locations do they service?

Talking to a towing company at one location and wanting service somewhere far away may not be a good idea. Also, you cannot predict the location of emergencies. So choose a company which offers services for almost all areas. If the company has a specific area of operation, then check if they have access to your most-used route.


Usually, a tow truck in Brisbane has to be available every time. Ensure that the firm works round the clock and does not close during holidays or special occasions. They need to be quick in reaching as well as processing your requirements. Check if they are available to reach out through phone calls during any mishaps at any hour. Select a company that responds to you quickly.

License and accreditation

Check if they are professional people by checking their licence. Hiring a firm with no proper validations can lead to many legal problems. Find a legitimate and transparent towing firm. Check if the driver they provide has a heavy vehicle driving licence and papers.


Another essential step to do before hiring a towing firm is to check what their clients have to say about them. Check their ratings and comments on how they deal with the customers during an emergency. They have to be patient and supportive to you during a mishap. Also, do not be driven away by irrelevant negative comments. Do a little research with these ratings and shortlist the company that feels positive. They have to be professional and quick decision-makers.


People can take advantage during the time of emergencies, so select a company that is transparent and loyal with its pricing. Ask for a quote for all services they provide. Ask how much it would cost to take your car to the garage or to your home. When you want quality, you cannot expect low pricing but, the prices should not be too high

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