11 Steps to Plan Your Garage Remodeling in Honolulu, HI

Feeling ready to clean out the piled-up junk in your garage? In Honolulu, Hawaii outdoor living space is essential to enjoy all the beauty the island has to offer; and this includes your garage space. Look no further for our 11 steps to plan your garage remodeling in Honolulu, HI.

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1) Create a goal

Now that you’ve decided it’s time to refresh your garage space, you need to create an end goal for what you want. Take inspiration photos from online to get your creativity flowing. Are you aiming for bright and clean? A space to suit a car enthusiast, or a garden lover? Whatever your needs are, be sure your end goal is clear before you start the project.

2) Declutter

A garage usually at some point becomes a dumping ground for junk. Our next step is to declutter anything you no longer need. Clutter makes any garage space seem smaller and darker. Create throw away, donate, and keep piles to ensure you’re organized as you sort. If you’re keeping something, make sure that it is actually something you use or need.

3) Small fixes

Next up is to complete small fixes. These include tasks like:

  • Replace old drain caps or floor cover plates
  • Upgrade your garage door seals
  • Remove everything on the floor (shelving, sinks, appliances etc.)

4) Finish walls

If your garage still has exposed framing, a great way to give it a remodeled look and feel is by adding drywall. Insulate the walls first to keep the garage cool in the warm Hawaii climate. Then add sheet rock to finish off the look. Don’t forget to tape, mud, and paint for a completed feel.

5) Floor coating

Adding a floor coating will instantly upgrade your garage remodel. Floor coatings create a cleaner look and feel and can transform your space. You can decide to either DIY a floor coating or hire a professional to tackle the job for you.

6) Install storage

Even though you’ve already decluttered, it’s important to install storage for the items you did keep (and have some extra room to grow). Think of adding open shelving or cabinetry to take your garage from cluttered to clean and organized.

7) Add a loft

Making the most of vertical space can add tons of storage to your garage. Consider building a loft for added out-of-view storage.

8) Lighting

Part of what makes a garage feel renovated is improved lighting. Achieve this by adding windows, or additional overhead lighting. Anything you can do to brighten the space will make a difference.

9) Make room

A key for your garage remodel is to ensure there is enough room for your needs. If you need to park a car inside, be sure there is space for that. If you need room for your riding lawn mower, ensure there is a perfect spot to house it. Whatever your needs, there should be room for each important item.

10) Decorate

Add garage décor to make it your own. A garage is the perfect place for fun signage, memorabilia, and more. 

11) Ask for a helping hand

If you’re planning on tackling a garage remodel, know that asking for a helping hand from a family member, friend, or neighbor is always a good idea. This is no easy task!

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