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Growing Followers on Spotify is Simple

Spotify is the social media for music and podcasts today. If you are an independent musician or a podcast artist, Spotify might be a suitable space for creating, collaborating, and growing a fan base. Spotify is usually used as a music space, and people rarely think about following or liking the music they are listening to. Therefore, it is not easy to grow on Spotify like other platforms. So here are some pointers to growing organic Spotify followers.

Be Consistently On schedule

If you are a podcast artist, being on schedule and consistent is very important; your podcast is like a series, so it has to be on time. If you skip a few days without notice, your followers will start skipping your page. If you are a musician, you must be consistent with your work. The idea here is to keep doing what you do best and not let your audience wait.

Use Trending Content

Whether music, podcast, or playlist, trending and latest content are what gets noticed—whatever the trend on social media. Try to incorporate it into your content and give it your twist. This adds a wow factor to your reel and helps you get noticed out of curiosity. For example, if a trending song is doing the rounds on social media, take it and give it context in your content.

Spreading the Word on social media

If you are socially active and constantly post on social media, driving your followers from other platforms to Spotify will not be a problem. Put promotional content on your pages about your content and why you need more supporters and followers for your music and playlists.

Asking Friends and Family to Help and Follow

This is the cheap and best way to begin gaining followers. If not friends and family, who else will be your first fans and your first critic. They criticize to help you improve and not to downgrade you. Begin your Spotify journey by asking everyone to help you grow and click the follow button.

Start With Playlists

Playlists are what everybody listens to on Spotify. Be creative and consistent with your playlist ideas, and you can gain followers and play whenever your songs get played. As you grow followers, your playlists will be pushed more. During this period, understand your followers’ taste in music and choose according to popular opinion when you become an artist on Spotify; of course, your wish also does matter.


Collaborate with other influencers, bloggers, and artists like you to create better content or for mutual promotion. This is a great way to get an idea about others’ work and connect with them to learn more.


Growing Organic followers on Spotify is achievable with consistency, talent, love for music, current trending content quality, and fans from other social media sites. Keep your podcasts lively, trendy, and also informative. Promote it on media platforms and give out ads if you want. Grow together with a fellow artist and collaborate for fun and friendship.

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