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How to Write a Guest Posting Service Description

If you’re a website owner, you’ll know how complicated guest posting is. You don’t want to spend the time to learn the platform yourself, nor do you want to pay high fees for low-quality links. But you can outsource the work and enjoy massive returns on your investment. Here are a few tips to help you decide if a guest posting service is right for you. You may be adamant that you can handle the complexity, but you’re not.

Link building

Whenever you are promoting a website, it is imperative that you understand the basics of the link-building process. This includes choosing anchor text and referring domains. The latter is important, as it passes authority to the paid guest posting sites hosting your guest post. Anchor text is an essential part of your strategy, and you should avoid spamming it. Here are some pointers to help you decide which guest posting service is best for your business.

Choose high-quality websites. A high-quality website is worth more than a dozen websites that serve the same audience. For best results, avoid guest posting on websites that are not aligned with yours. Additionally, it may be difficult to get accepted on a website in your niche. If this is the case, find a site in a related niche, and then make sure the content matches the brand. This will increase your site’s visibility and boost your SEO.


If you are in need of a guest posting service but don’t have the time to do it yourself, there are some great options on the market. Outreach is a top choice for clients with 2,500 blog posts to choose from. With 8 years of experience and a low market fee structure, they offer the best prices. Their prices are usually up to 50% lower than leading providers. The company offers a number of different services ranging from keyword optimization to guest blogging.

There are two key metrics for guest posting that will determine the price. First is the authority of the website. The higher the authority of the website, the higher the link juice you will receive. Ideally, you should target a site with a DA of 40 or above. That way, you will slowly but surely get a great backlink. Of course, you’ll pay for this. For DA 40+ sites, the price is a little higher, but it’s still a good value.

Quality of links

If you’re wondering how to increase your organic traffic through guest posting, consider reading the following link-quality metrics. Majestic publishes trust flow and citation flow metrics. These metrics measure how naturally links are distributed on a site. If you’re unsure what each metric means, read this article by Majestic to learn more. Once you’ve read this article, you’ll be more knowledgeable about which link-building tactics work and which don’t.

Relevance: If your guest posts are relevant to the website hosting them, they can benefit from a backlink. Make sure you choose topics that relate to the niche of the guest posting site. A dentist website could benefit from a backlink from a teeth cleaning product blog, while a shoe review blog wouldn’t make sense. If you’re unsure about which guest post opportunities are best for your website, pitch the idea to the host via email, social media, or over the phone.

White-label options

Using a white-label option to provide a guest posting service description is an excellent way to customize the service to meet the needs of your clients. Many agencies hire a white-label provider because of their marketing expertise. They can make their own editing requests or purchase an article if it does not meet their needs. In either case, they can choose the type of service they need. To ensure that the service is reliable, it is important to have the correct details and specifications.


White-label content is often cheaper than writing original content in-house. However, freelance writers can cost more than your company, which makes outsourcing a better option. However, if you’d prefer to avoid hiring freelancers, you can opt for a white-label option. Some agencies will even provide you with a streamlined dashboard to manage the content creation process. If you’re looking for a white-label option, you can check out Verlie. These providers offer a simple content delivery process that is sure to get you the results you need.

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