Experiments & pivots that unbroken Emirates Airlines alive in COVID times

Adaptability is vital in crisis times. Once you examine the various industries wedged most by this pandemic, you’ll be able to spot many players in that area showing additional legality than others. Since the beginning of our Low bit Economy series, we’ve unbroken a detailed eye on the airline. Inside this field, Emirates Airlines appears to face out. Let’s have a better look!

Experimental travel innovations

For those that miss travel, there are many substitutes obtainable. Some area units are looking at VR business enterprise, however I don’t see this to be their own thought potential anytime shortly. However, the rising success of the most recent Microsoft simulator may be AN indicator that this market may be larger than I originally anticipated.

Some folks even miss microwaved aeroplane meals. Many brands area units shipping their meals to people’s homes to a minimum of partly recreated that have reception. (Friendly in-flight occupation service not enclosed.)

Recently, the foremost notable mini-airline expertise for purchase should are offered by Eva Air. For fathers day they oversubscribed tickets obscurity. Their branded Hello Kitty plane was removed from Taipei, solely to land many hours later in Taipei. Throughout this short tour, a Michelin-rated meal was served. oddly enough, many passengers showed interest, therefore a second flight is already within the works.

While these show experiments within the margin, the challenge for several airlines is concerning extant following year or 2.

Emirates Airlines, strengthening its business model

1) CUTTING prices TO BE versatile

Unfortunately, this plane has already ordered off thousands of staff. The most recent reports forecast the primary reduction of V-day of the workforce. At a similar time, several alternative expenses are cut, salaries are reduced, and lots of planes are grounded and held on indefinitely. Like several airlines, Emirates Airways tries to fold back on the necessities to be versatile enough to navigate the turbulent times ahead.

2) shield THE CORE: LEVEL UP travel expertise

Emirates Airlines shows the way to proactively tackle this crisis. They were the primary airline to roll out on-site  speedy ten min COVID-19 tests for all passengers – a service currently derived by several brands and airports.

  • Safety first: many planes have further crew aboard to assist with safety measures like cleanup and disinfecting cutlery, similarly as restrooms. New onboarding procedures are introduced to attenuate people-to-people interaction and each rider is obtainable with a private hygiene kit. All on-board workers wear PPE.
  • New insurance: paying for your ceremony. further COVID-19 insurance was developed to hide the danger for travelers. If passengers would get sick or have to be compelled to be segregated , Emirates would acquire these further prices. Even ceremony prices would be lined.


  • Another sign of legality may be seen within the speedy roll-out of recent freight travel services.

Emirates SkyCargo remodeled ten Boeing 777-300ER craft from rider planes to freight planes. All economy seats were removed so as to ship up to seventeen a lot of further shipment. whereas rider travel was down, some B2B freight travel demand was hyperbolic. several regions required further medical supplies, therefore sound into this new would was undoubtedly a wise strategy.

  • Switching between business travel & regular business enterprise.

The next few years can stay turbulent. whereas it’s anticipated that business enterprise might recover as shortly as tourists feel safe once more, business travel is also altered forever. Globally, corporations have invested in new remote meeting setups and procedures. several expected that not all B2B travel can get well to traditional levels.

With demand swinging up and down, Emirates must be versatile. During this regard, they’re adding many smaller planes to their fleet to be additional economical.


What’s most noticeable concerning Emirates Airlines is the speed with which they travel from the primary plan to implementation and execution. They appear to have created a culture, internally, that permits them to create selections early once there’s still heaps of uncertainty, and simply go along with it. Organizations that are too risk-averse are going to be too slow to retort and may not be able to survive the crisis.

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