Different Pendant Styles for the Modern Woman

A beautiful pendant never fails to catch one’s eye. Worn since time immemorial, a pendant is not just a decorative piece of jewellery. Adorned near the heart, it often carries sentimental value. If you are looking for a perfect gift for a woman, pendants will be a go-to choice since they will add a personal touch and remind the person who gifted them whenever they wear them.

People have carried their loved ones photographs, names, and other various symbolic communications in their pendants for ages. This piece of jewellery has taken a completely new meaning matching the modern way of life.

If you also love pendants but are confused about the latest trends, you don’t need to go elsewhere. This pendant style guide has been curated by our fashion specialists and brings to you the top pendant styles from around the world. Whether you are looking for pendants to wear for daily office wear or special occasions, these pendant designs are sure to take your look notches higher.

Medallion pendants

Ancient Romans wore medallions as a status symbol representing their wealth and position in society. And the same medallions have made a comeback with some stunning styles and designs to choose from. Single medallions are topping the chart. You can either choose a plain medallion or one engraved with a symbol, name, start sign or date with a special meaning. Another wonderful way to wear medallion pendants is to wear them in two’s or three’s. These medallions are bold and embrace the style of the necklace. You can also style it as a necklace by layering multiple medallions to add an elegant touch that will go right with your special occasion. You can choose either plain metal medallions or ones studded with gemstones such as moonstone, emerald, or jade.

Monogram pendants

Personalised jewellery has always held a special place in our hearts with monogram pendants topping the charts. The trend is back again this season backed by the top fashion magazines around the world where you can see everyone from celebrities to the modern corporate woman sporting them.

Monogram or alphabet pendants are fun, personal, classy, and customisable. That’s not all, with everyone wanting to know for whose name the alphabet stands for, they have a special mysterious allure about them too. You can find the best of high fashion gold pendant alphabet designs here.

Eternity pendants

Just like their name, eternity pendants have been around for ages and will always be popular. Also known as infinity pendants or forever pendants, unlike other pieces of jewellery, they have quite an intense meaning. Eternity pendants tend to denote everlasting love and come in exquisite designs at different prices.

These pendants don’t just denote permanency, they are equally classy and timeless. If you like minimalist jewellery, you can opt for these pendants in a single metal. Else, choose from two-toned eternity pendants studded with diamonds or other precious gemstones in contrasting colours.  If you are looking for a perfect anniversary gift, these eternity pendants will be the right choice since they add sentimental value and will make them cherish it for life.

Solitaire pendants

Whether it is a date night or a high-profile meeting that requires you to look your best, nothing works better than a solitaire pendant. While they are a simple no-fuss style, they have never failed to allure anyone looking at them. These solitaire pendants would give you a classic appeal and make you look effortlessly glamorous and sophisticated. These solitaire pendants will act as an epitome of elegance and make you stand out from the crowd without needing further enhancements for the jewellery.

Some of the top designs dominating the trends are pendants crafted in white gold with white diamonds and rose gold studded with yellow diamonds. Other beautiful designs to pick up include individual diamonds in princess cut, emerald cut, or the stunning chiselled pear shape.w

Floral pendants

Whether you are at work or out running errands, a little bit of playfulness and fun is enough to brighten your day. We are talking floral pendants in an incredibly colourful riot of different shades. With its unusual design that is rich and dramatic, this style is pretty unique that’s sure to become a conversation starter. These pendants are just like adorning flowers or art, just in precious metals. You can choose silhouettes of leaves and flowers in yellow or white gold studded with white pearls, citrine, emeralds, or rubies.

Adding these pendants as your jewellery will boost your confidence, showcase your style, and add a shimmery look. Every piece of jewellery will definitely have a story or an emotion behind it in the same way these pendants will also symbolize love, pride, confidence, and much more.

Pick up any of these trending pendants and your necklace is sure to be a talking point. Just remember to match them well with your outfit and occasion for them to make an incredibly gorgeous impact. Pick up the design that goes best with your personality instead of following the trends and you are sure to stand out amongst a crowd with these gorgeous pendants.

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