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A computer is potentially every tool we have talked about wrapped up into one amazing high-tech unit. The only limits on any of its capabilities are the quality of the software programs and our knowledge and ability to make use of them. We can draw in the computer with any number of instruments, render with a seemingly endless range of colors and brushes, create backgrounds and graphic shapes almost instantaneously, combine images, compose layouts, create textures and patterns, and so on.

Even better, if we have a scanner, we can combine our hand drawings and/or renderings with the computer tools, and that, in my opinion, is the best of both worlds. When it comes to computer tools, the shock of the new is not just a clever book title. Our high-tech, high-speed world is transforming our experience every day.


Placing figures in interesting backgrounds is just one of the many fun things we can do in Photoshop. You can create your own backgrounds or find images from many Websites, both free and for sale. You can also make use of cool special effects like drop shadows and glow tools that help your figure to stand out from the background images. Of course, color is a wonderful tool for separating a figure from a neutral ground.

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Even if you have access to a computer lab at school or work, you will probably want to get your own home equipment as soon as you can. Thanks to technological advances, this is a less expensive proposition all the time. Shopping for deals and perhaps not buying the very latest models can lead to substantial savings.

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The tool charts provided in this chapter are for your reference as we look at the various applications. If you can establish mentally what certain tools do, the program in general will seem less complex and/or intimidating. The depth of options is indeed vast, but you can go just as deep or shallow as you feel comfortable going.

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