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Bathroom Remodeling In Atlanta And Marietta

When it comes to bathroom remodels, Atlanta and Marietta homeowners have options. From remodeling existing homes to re-building, there are several choices that are available. You’ll need to know which option will best suit your needs. It’s also a good idea to make sure that the contractor you choose is experienced.


Re-Bath is the largest bathroom remodeling franchise in the U.S., serving middle to high-income customers. Their service is fast, easy, and affordable. They offer a variety of services, from walk-in tubs and showers to dual-flush toilets. One of their products, DuraBath, offers waterproof, non-porous acrylic wall surrounds. Available in 17 colors, they come with a limited lifetime warranty. The company also offers wall surrounds in natural stone, silicone-sealed acrylic, and a variety of tile patterns.

Re-Bath provides a free design process. A design consultant will come to your home and discuss your needs, as well as possible solutions. During the process, they will remove and replace any old materials, as well as add new features. Re-Bath’s remodeling process is quick, effective, and easy. Using a process that streamlines the entire project from start to finish, it typically takes a few days to complete the work.

Re-Bath offers a wide variety of options for seniors and others who may have accessibility issues. Their services include tub to shower conversions, shower base liners, bathtub liners, safety tubs, and fiberglass replacements.

Atlanta Design & Build

When you need bathroom remodel atlanta georgia, look no further than Atlanta Design & Build. The company offers a wide range of services from whole house renovations to the smallest of details. A remodeled bathroom can improve your overall experience. Whether you’re updating your outdated vanity or adding a new bathtub, you can be sure you’ll be able to enjoy your newly updated space.

It’s not uncommon to find a mediocre bathroom remodel, but if you’re looking for something a little more substantial, you’ll be happy to learn that the Atlanta Design & Build crew is quite good at what they do. One of the best parts of working with the folks at ADB is their commitment to customer satisfaction. Regardless of whether you’re in the market for a new sink or tub, a full renovation, or a complete makeover, you’ll be treated to a high-quality job from start to finish.

The ADB team is incredibly knowledgeable about all things home improvement, and they’re always willing to offer up tips and tricks of the trade to make your life easier. Among their many offerings are full service and design services that include the installation of new countertops, cabinets, plumbing and electrical work.

Resource Of Atlanta-Marietta

The Resource of Atlanta-Marietta is one of the better places to buy your bathroom fittings and fixtures. They offer a wide variety of products at competitive wholesale prices. Whether you are looking for a new vanity or vanity table, a new sink or shower, or just replacing a leaky faucet, you are sure to find what you are looking for at the best price. If you are considering a home remodeling project of your own, you may want to check them out before making your final selection. Getting a quote is easy and quick, and they have a no-hassle policy. You can get a free price quote online by completing the form below. Alternatively, you can contact them toll-free at 888-200-4656. In addition to the best bathroom products, ProSource of Atlanta-Marietta offers a range of other home improvement services including new windows, roofing, and siding. Their knowledgeable and friendly staff can help you make your home more beautiful and less expensive.

Atlanta Curb Appeal

When it comes to enhancing your home, you should focus on creating a great curb appeal. If your home does not stand out when it is viewed from the street, you may have trouble selling your property. Curb appeal is something that can affect the mood you have as you walk through your front door or pull up to your driveway. It can also affect the way that buyers feel about your home. Creating a beautiful curb appeal can improve the resale value of your home, as well as add pride to your ownership.

Bathroom remodeling Marietta has built its reputation on providing high quality work that is completed quickly and professionally. The company is led by Avi Moyal, a trained architect who has been in the business for many years. He is highly skilled at handling projects, and he communicates directly with clients to ensure that they get exactly what they want.

Last Word

When you’re planning a bathroom remodel in Atlanta, Georgia, it’s important to consider both aesthetics and functionality. You want to make sure that your new bathroom is functional for your needs and comfortable for you to enjoy. This means choosing fixtures and finishes that fit your style.

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