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Why You Should Check for Termites Before Buying a New House

The problem of termites has been plaguing Australia for the longest time. Every year it costs $1.5 billion in damages to homes. To save money on repairs, it is crucial to check for termites before buying a new home. 

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How do Termites Cause Damage?

Termites, also called “silent destroyers,” can chew through the flooring, cracks in bricks, wood, and wallpapers. These pests exist in colonies of thousands. However, they take years to chew through flooring or wood. The most vulnerable areas of the house are where the wood is dirty, slab foundation, and dark corners. If you are a prospective new house owner, make sure to keep an eye out for these specific areas. 

Inspection Before Buying a House

Depending upon the location and extent of damage, repairs and termite control can cost you thousands of dollars. Often, repairs may cost more than the cost of constructing the original house. To save yourself these extra costs, inspecting a new house for termites is vital. At some places, a termite inspection is compulsory before the handover of a new house.

Contrary to a regular home inspection, in a termite inspection, they assess the house’s physical structure. This assessment ranges right from the foundation to the roof. It usually takes an hour to carry out the inspection. Some of the indications of termites include swollen ceilings and floors and areas with water damage. Some other signs of termite infestations include mould-like odour. Post-termite inspection, the inspector provides an inspection report. This report details the extent of the damage if any and the cost to treat.

After the termite report is prepared, the cost estimation for treatment is received. The process of termite control involves spraying insecticides over the termites or fumigation. Only after the treatment is over does the contractor’s work to repair the damages begin. 

Benefits of Checking for Termites

Gives an Understanding of the Problem Beforehand

If you identify a termite problem before moving into a new house, you can take the necessary steps to remove them. Conduct a termite check before to check if it exists or might occur shortly. If you call for termite control Wollongong, you will also be provided with an estimated cost for fixing the issue.

Avoid Regret

Nobody wants to spend hundreds to thousands of dollars buying a new house and then have to spend extra to remove termites. Pests and termites could potentially pose a risk to your health. If you get the new house checked, you can buy the house stress-free. You Get all Info About Bathtubs

Improve Negotiations

To assess the actual value of the property, checking for termites helps. Inspection reports help judge whether you’re being charged a fair value. If the house has termites, you can negotiate to reduce the price. Otherwise, you can ask for a concession to offset the termite control costs. Moreover, you may also negotiate to have the termite control done by the seller before handover. 

Wrapping Up

Despite finding your dream home, you may have to give it up because of termite problems. To ensure that you move into a new house in proper condition, make these necessary checks. It can prevent you from future recurring costs. It is advised to have a termite inspector assess the situation before you seal the deal.

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