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Bedroom Decor Ideas For Newlyweds

A bedroom is a special place for everyone as it is our personal space, and we get to share time with our partner. Bedrooms should be decorated as per your preference, be it the colours or furniture used. Make sure you use the best type of furniture that feels comfortable and stylish. Use smart and multipurpose furniture that never goes out of style. Wakefit has some super cool furniture that can adapt to your bedroom, giving it a pleasant look. Here are a few bedroom decor ideas to make your bedroom look at its best, especially for newlyweds.

Choose a Romantic Theme

It would be nice to give a romantic look to your bedroom if you are a newlywed. Choose a white theme with fluffy pillows and cushions over the bed. You can also match it with red here and there to make it look more romantic. Plan your curtains wisely; pick one that is either similar to the colour of the room or completely in contrast. Allow your furniture to go with the theme. Look for the best furniture online to find a large variety. You can also place a matching carpet below the bed to feel soft while placing your feet down. Go in for a mild and subtle feel. Choose modern furniture that doesn’t feel too bulky and occupies too much space.

Plan your Storage Wisely

Storage is always a constraint in many homes. The larger the storage space you have, the better it will be to organise your stuff. Giving more storage space to the room helps declutter the room and make it look neat and clean. Choose four door wardrobes or three door wardrobes based on your requirements. You can also choose sliding door wardrobes if you do not have enough space in the room. Make sure you give enough walking space around the room while going for hinged wardrobes. You can also go for storage beds to store duvets and pillows. You can plan and buy the wardrobes and storage beds together to give a neat look to the bedroom. Choose the right number of shelves in your wardrobe. Plan for your partner also. They should feel comfortable and luxurious inside the room. Allot enough space in the wardrobe for your partner also.

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Use Storage Beds

Another wise option for storage is the storage beds, where you can store your bedding or unimportant stuff in it. Things like jackets, bed sheets, pillowcases, extra cushions, carpets, rugs etc. can be stored under the beds. Storage beds are the smartest way of storage in the bedroom. You can also choose the number of drawers you need in your storage bed. There is also an option of opening from the top on storage beds. Choose one that is easy for you and your partner to use on a daily basis.

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Choose a Comfortable Bed and Mattress

The bed is the most important factor to be considered for newlyweds in a bedroom. Make sure the mattress feels soft and comfortable for the couple. Try the memory foam mattress or the latex mattress that feels soft and durable—coming to the bed frame, there are different types of beds available in the market like teak wood bed, Sheesham wood bed, engineered wood bed etc. Go for the teak wood bed as it is of the best quality. If you cannot afford a teak wood bed, you can always select the Sheesham wood bed, which is hard and durable. Ensure the bed is designed correctly so that it doesn’t creak or squeak while rolling over. Make sure the bed is big enough to accommodate the couple. Choose a king size bed or a queen size bed with a matching mattress that fits the bed perfectly well. Match the bed with a perfect bedside table to complete the look. You can also place an antique night lamp on the bedside table to give a pleasant look to the bedroom.

Place a Coffee Table with a Love Seat

If your bedroom is big and has more space, try accommodating a coffee table with a small couch or loveseat just for the two of you to sit and chat in the evenings or before going to bed. The couch would also be a perfect place to drink your morning coffee with your partner. Go for a mild coloured couch that matches the bed, curtains, carpets and rugs of the room. You can add contrast coloured cushions to the couch to make it look more attractive. Place scented candles over the coffee table for good vibes and a romantic feel. Try placing heart-shaped pillows wherever possible.

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Make the bedroom look attractive and comfortable for a pleasant and peaceful night. Watch in for minor details like soft carpets, proper curtains and exclusive lighting. Always keep in mind that durable and quality furniture lasts longer and feels appealing to the eye. You will need to know everything about sleep hygiene habit is important.

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