What to Consider When Buying a Lawn Mower

The dream of every gardener is to havetheir garden in the best conditions. Owning a lawn mower is moving a step forward toward archiving this. This article will look at the things you need to consider before buying one for your garden.

Buying a lawn mower can be overwhelming, since there are so many types of lawn mower in the market. A good understanding of your garden will make you make a better decision when purchasing a lawn mower. Different lawn mowers best suit a certain type of grass, the terrain of your garden, even the size of the garden and therefore, having knowledge of your garden will help you make the best decision when purchasing a lawn mower. Let us look at the things you need to consider when buying a lawn mower;

Types of lawn mower

You need to have basic knowledge when going out to buy a lawn mower. All lane mowers consist of the same parts; a blade, an engine, wheels, and a casting that encloses the blade. The main difference is caused by performance, and power supply. A pull lawn mower uses manpower to be pulled but has an engine that powers the blade, but a self-propelled lawn mower is very similar to pull lawn mower but is more advantaged. A riding lawn mower is the best for large gardens as it is quicker and easier to work with.

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The size of your lawn

The size of your lawn is the main factor to consider when considering the type of lawn mower to buy. A riding lawn mower is definitely the best for large lawns. For a small lawn you will need a lawn mower that doesn’t need a lawn mower with a large power source.

The price of lawn mower

Lawn mower prices in Nairobi depends on the type of the mower. The lane mover that you should consider buying is the one that is the cheapest among the mowers that best suits your needs. But price should be the last factor to consider as most cheap machines are less function. At the same time, some dealers tend to overprice machines yet they are of low quality.

Power supply

Gas and electricity are the power sources of mowers. Gas powered mowers are more powerful than the electricity powered mowers, so they are more efficient. Gas powered lawn mowers are noisy and produce smoke but electric ones do not. When the gas tank is full gas mowers can work for hours but electric mowers can only work for approximately an hour and they need to be charged.

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Size of deck

The larger the deck the larger the blade your mower will have. A lawn mower with a wider deck is better since it will cut a wider area across the lawn.

A mower is one of the best machines you can add to your garden tools. Having the right lawn mower will make grass cutting work very easy. Now that you have knowledge about lawn mower, you can easily go out in the market and be able to pick out the best lawn mower for your need  and buy it.

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