What do search engine algorithms look at for SEO purposes?

SEO is one of the most talked about strategies utilized by businesses across the world in order to help maximize brand awareness, increase conversions and ultimately boost sales. Before going into how it can be used, it is important to know what it actually is. SEO stands for search engine optimization and refers to changing a website and its content resulting in a better ranking on a search engine’s returned results. This is of course helpful for a business, as potential customers will only be looking at the first page of these returned results to choose a business to buy from or hire from. Consequently, those who are on the first page of returned results typically enjoy higher conversions, brand awareness, reputation and sales. There are many different factors that the search engine algorithm will take into account when choosing which sites to rank, and you must understand these factors before making changes which can benefit your business as a whole, in terms of SEO.

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Content needs to be written in a certain way to target for SEO. The search engine algorithm will look at content to determine how many times a certain phrase or keywords are used, which can help it rank when these keywords are input into a search engine. Content must have keywords written enough times that the search engine picks up on it. Furthermore, the content must be informative. You cannot just spam useless content, as this will likely get you blacklisted on the search engine. Informative and useful content will always rank your site better. In addition to this, content which is referenced and linked to on other sites will help rank your site better for SEO, as it proves that it is informative as it is being used on other sites as an information reference.

Professional structure of website

A website must have a professional structure in order to have good SEO capabilities. A search engine algorithm will take into account the way a website is set out and structured when deciding which sites to rank well. As such, you need to have a website which is structured in a way to reflect professionalism. Text and images should be set out in a way that looks formal, and everything should be aligned in a way that is easy to navigate and read through. User experience is a big part of SEO, and the search engine will surely look to the structure of your site when determining what is professional, and what is not, and whether or not to tank your website well.

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Keywords chosen

The chosen keywords are an important part of SEO, as it allows you to rank for certain phrases that are relevant to your business and its products and/or services. If the keywords chosen are not relevant, you may receive traffic for keywords which are not related to your business, and you may be attracting attention from the wrong demographic. Furthermore, if your keywords are too generic, you may struggle to rank your website or move up in rankings, as these keywords are used by numerous competitors. This will make it difficult to rank on anything with SEO, as you have a huge amount of competition against you.

In summary, SEO is made up of different components which are all equally important to the search engine algorithm and ranking your website well. SEO consists of content, structure of website and the keywords chosen. Consequently, you must focus on these factors in order to rank well and look into each of them with considerable scrutinization.

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