Hints for Successful Tree Removal

Tree Removal Hints

When you need a tree removed from your yard, it would be best to call a professional who is licensed and bonded. If you have a professional do it, you can be assured that it will be done the right way and that it will be done safely. If you do it on your own, there could be problems or accidents that could happen and you could seriously hurt yourself, your family, or your home. If you insist on doing it on your own, here are some hints from professionals so that you will be a little safer.

Professionals have the training that they need to make sure that things go smoother without incident, and they have come up with a few hints and tips to help you do it safer on your own. There are some professionals that you can call if you get in over your head, and Treemendous Inc is one that can help you out in that case. They are true professionals that get the job right every time.


  1. Equipment

The first thing that you need to do is to make sure you have the right equipment to do the job. You will need a chainsaw, most importantly, one that is at least three and a half horsepower and has a twenty-inch bar.

Next, you will need safety glasses to protect your eyes. Chips and sawdust flying from the chainsaw can seriously damage your eyes.

You will also need leg protection in case the chainsaw hits a knot or other hard spot, and it kicks back. Leg protection would protect you from serious injury.

Another thing that you will need is a one-thousand-pound test rope that is at least three times as long as your tree is high. This is just another safety net in case something goes terribly wrong.

You can do some research to see what other safety equipment you may need. This is a site that has some information for you. You just want to make sure that you have enough equipment to be safe.

  1. Determine the Height of the Tree

You will need to determine how tall the tree that you want removed is. This is important for you to see so that you can follow the next steps. The height of the tree is an important part of removing the tree. You need to make sure that you have enough room to have the tree fall safely.

  1. Where Do You Want the Tree to Fall?

Once you have determined the height of the tree, you need to look around the area and see what the tree could land on. Find a bare spot in your yard that is close to the tree. This will be where you want the tree to land so that it avoids falling on your house, fence, or neighbor’s property. You want everyone and everything to be safe.

04. Clear Fall Zone Area

You want to remove anything that is in the fall zone area, including toys, vehicles, smaller structures, or anything else that might be in the way of a falling tree. This will help to insure that the tree will not fall on anything and hurt the item or a person from the way it falls.

  1. Tie the Rope

You will want to tie the rope to the middle of the tree or slightly higher than the middle of the tree. This will help someone to guide the tree down if there are any issues when you cut the tree.

  1. Hand the Other End of the Rope

You will want to hand the other end of the rope to a friend or friends and have them stand outside the fall zone. They will be the ones helping to guide the tree down as it falls. This will help to make sure that no one or nothing gets hurt as the tree falls.

  1. Cut a Notch

Use your chainsaw to cut a V-shaped notch in the tree. Cut this notch on the side of the tree that you want to fall down. This will also help to make sure that the tree falls in the direction that you want it to fall.

  1. Knee Height

You want to make sure that you start the notch at knee height. You will want to make a shallow V-shaped notch to the center of the tree. You will want to be very careful when you are making this cut to make sure that you do not get injured while you are cutting.

  1. Move to the Other Side of the Tree

You will now want to move to the other side of the tree to cut the other side until you meet the notch that you already have cut out.

  1. Walk Away

Once the tree starts to fall, walk away from the tree. You will want to walk away in a forty-five-degree angle so that the tree does not fall on you. You need to walk quickly for the same reason.

  1. If the Tree Does Not Fall

If the tree does not fall, do not go back over to it to cut more. This is when your friend or friends come in. They will pull the rope that they are holding until the tree falls down, making sure that they are staying out of the way of the tree.
It is best to hire a professional to remove trees from your yard, but if you follow the tips above and are extremely careful, you can do it on your own. It can be dangerous to do it all on your own, so follow the steps and wear the proper equipment so that you are safe. They are relatively easy steps to follow and doing so, you will have the tree removed safely and soon. Make sure that you have a friend or friends to help to make sure that there is someone nearby in case there is an accident.

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