What Are The Different Ways in Which You Can Pay Your Gas Bill?

Paying gas bills on time is a task when you are a working professional. The biggest trouble is when you miss the deadline. Now since you are living in a digital world, Gas bill payment is no more a bill deal. Earlier, you used to go to the gas agency to make the payment. But it’s no longer the case. Your bill payment is just one hand reach away.  

If you struggle to find the time or miss the last payment day, don’t worry. We’ve got you. Here’s a list of the best solutions that’ll help you. Read below to know more. 

Different ways to pay your gas bills

  • Mobile Banking

Mobile Banking is the easiest way to make your Gas bill payment. You can download the utility bill payment app on your phone and process the transaction in just seconds. In the era of smartphones, you are never away from its reach. You don’t go and stand in a queue at a bank. Baking is literally at your fingers’ tip. Once you install the app, you can make your MNGL bill payment directly in one place. 

You can easily track your transaction and have a safe record of it. Also, you get to earn discounts and promo codes on your regular transaction. You get notified of any new reward or offer through push notification. You can activate alerts to remind you of the payment day so that you don’t miss it. All you need is just the internet and a smartphone. 

  • Net Banking

Net Banking can also be referred to as Internet banking.A good example is in Singapore where digital banking licenses are being issued. You get access to your physical bank digitally. Your current account stays secure and safe there. You can use it anytime, anywhere, and all you require is a good net connection. You can sign in to MNGL bill payment for your gas payment through net banking. 

Net banking can be used only by registered customers. It provides more advanced features than mobile banking. You not only get to pay utility bills but also to manage your account with your hand. You can see your current and money spent without having to go to the bank.

  • Credit Card

With a credit card, you don’t have to carry money in your pocket. You can pay any bill using a credit card online or offline. You can put your account number on any app and make the payment. You’ll be paying from saving in a bank account. It is a smooth transaction of gas bill payment and a direct payment method.

Through Credit cards, you get a chance to spend more than your current account balance. At the end of the month, you get your bill for your expenditure. 

  • Debit Card

Debit cards can be used anywhere in case you don’t want to carry the weight of cash in your purse. It should be linked to your savings balance. You can easily pay your bill either online or offline. You also receive cash back and offers if you use a debit card for bill payments. With a debit card, you can keep a check on your budget. The online payment platform MobiKwik allows you to pay your gas bills using debit cards.

To save yourself from debt accumulation, you can use a debit card. You get a notification if you spend more than your savings. 

  • Mobile Wallet

A mobile wallet is a virtual wallet that you can carry in your pocket through your phone. It stores information regarding your debit card, credit card, cash back, loyalty card number, and more. The owner can smoothly transact any bill payment through their phone. In addition, it is secured from any fraudulent activity. 

The code is one-to-one encrypted and can be used through a QR scanner. Mobile wallets are quickly accessible and convenient for use and also can be carried anywhere. 

  • UPI App

UPI is transforming how we now access our money and make payments. UPI means Unified Payment Interface, which makes sending and receiving money much easier. It is a trusted site by almost a major part of the world. Your UPI ID and pin secure the bill payment. 

Through apps like MobiKwik, which allow you to pay using UPI, you get to pay the bill, make online orders, and recharge your phone. In addition, you don’t have to share account details with anyone during the transaction, which makes it safe. 

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