Unique Ways to Celebrate Corporate Diwali With Staff

Office celebrations, or you can say ‘casual get together, is a unique way to cheer and find happy moments keeping aside all work and tensions. This option is available on different occasions like birthdays, anniversaries, retirements, national festivals, and Diwali. This is the time to get bonuses and gifts with sweets. To celebrate Diwali, the boss arranges different opportunities to enjoy the day. The fun activities and games just excite the festivals with colleagues and other co-workers. 

Moreover, people also light up the offices with extraordinary celebration ideas. If you have known your colleagues for a long time, then it doesn’t matter to greet them with any random gifts. But if you want to know the unique ideas to give your employees a bowl full of wishes, then this article is best for you.

6 Best Diwali Celebrations Ideas For Corporates

Before the celebrations, a good boss is responsible for deciding on Diwali gift hampers for employees and their families. These may be dry fruit gift hampers, air purifier plants, and many more. And here is the best way to cheer up the Diwali celebration in the corporate world with employees and other co-workers.

1] Decorate Offices And Prepare Rangoli

When you have to call your office staff to the workplace on Diwali, engage them by decorating the offices with diyas, candles, flowers, and more. This looks beautiful in the workplace, where they spend valuable time leaving behind their family and kids. 

Also, Rangoli making should be performed on the Diwali theme to explore the festival of lights. The flowers, candles, or diyas look more beautiful at the time of Lakshmi Puja. This will help the firm to rise speedingly and will create a positive work environment with the boss and colleagues.

2] The Lunch Party

If you want to be the favourite boss for every employee, give a treat of lunch either in the offices or by taking into the big restaurant rant. 

The free treat of exciting food as lunch or dinner by the boss is loved by everyone. It will be good for both working from home or working from the office. The delicacy of Paneer Butter Masala with Naan, Pulao, tadka, or more will excite this Diwali to employees. 

3] Make Enjoyment With Dance And Selfie

Enjoy the day of Diwali at corporate by dancing, singing, and enjoying with their co-workers. The engagement of the boss will create a wonderful place where all will enjoy themselves together while dancing and sharing the happy moments of their life. 

Also, a selfie gives another enjoyable moment with the staff. The funny faces all together will make the day and festivals enjoyable. It becomes more interesting with wigs, Colorful caps, and Props will make it a fun, festive day. 

4] Unique Gifts 

Unique gifts comprise customized gifts which suit the needs of every individual. The team members will surprise them with gift surprises like travel trips, home decor items and more. This will make them smile and would thank you for the love and concern shown to you.

Also, the family members will feel happy to see their success and bonus this Diwali. Some of the gifts are;-

  • Crispy delight
  • Crunchy Diwali hamper
  • Diwali greeting cards
  • Candles sets

5] Sweet Boxes

Celebrate this Diwali with the sweetness of love and care for the employees to bring prosperity and good faith in their life and family, including the work environment.

The sweet boxes comprise;-

  • Delighted Kaju katli
  • Soan papdi
  • Ladoo
  • Cookies sets
  • Chocolate hampers
  • Rasmalai
  • Snacks items 

These combinations of sweets boxes and other hampers can be easily availed from online stores or local stores.

6] Outfits Traditionally

Make this Diwali in offices with traditional looks. Every day you dress in casual, formal dress in the office, including the I cards, which are boring sometimes. So, plan something unique which will create excitement in the working place to enjoy the festive seasons. 

The outfits can be sarees, kurtas, pajamas, or anything traditionally. They will empower you to do your work perfectly. 

So, celebrate this auspicious day with your colleagues in the corporate this Diwali and make the day memorable. 


This Diwali spreads some happiness that will improve the productivity of the work. This is only possible when the boss and co-workers know each other. So, decide on other unique ways to celebrate this beautiful festive season with love, courage, and good luck for your life and your work. Also, do not forget to order surprise Diwali gifts online to give to your team members.

At last, wish you a happy and peaceful Diwali to spread positivity throughout your workplace and your personal life.

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