5 Most Romantic Things To Do In Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi, once a mere stopover for travellers passing through the Middle East, has quickly emerged as one of the most romantic honeymoon destinations for discerning couples. You’ll be astonished at the range of things you can see, do, and experience during your post-wedding getaway in this wonderful, sun-soaked city. Abu Dhabi is well known for its luxury cruises, which are straddled by the marina on one side. During the cruise, guests enjoy a delicious dinner spread while watching the coast of the Arabian Gulf. Additionally, one could consider a cruise at sunset, which only enhances the experience. During a romantic getaway in Dubai’s capital, we’ve selected five of the best things to do.

  1. Go for a Desert safari – In case you’re enamoured by the Arabian Nights then desert safari Abu Dhabi should fulfill your fantasy. Offering miles of golden sand desert, Abu Dhabi is known as the world’s premier desert safari destination. UAE’s beautiful capital is more than just its towering skyscrapers. Travel destinations once considered quiet and unremarkable have gained rapid fame as some of the most exciting and popular getaways today. Abu Dhabi has many adventures to offer to those who venture out of its borders, whether it be the sprawling desert beyond Al Dhafra’s Liwa Oasis or the magnificent stretch of sand dunes stretching from Abu Dhabi to Al Ain. High sand dunes and valleys make dune bashing an adrenaline rush without end. Amidst the wilderness of the sandy desert, the Bedouin camps offer pure luxury. Comfortable pillows, carpets, and clean bathrooms for both men and women await you here, so as to wash away all the fatigue that may have built up during your travels.
  2. Visit Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque Centre – Besides being one of the largest mosques in the world, the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque is also a stunning example of Islamic architecture. The interior is decorated with white marble columns engraved with mother-of-pearl, Persian carpets, and chandeliers made of crystal. There is a chandelier in the central gallery that is 15m tall, 10m diameter, and 15 tons in weight. Featuring Sivec marble from Greece and Macedonia, the Mosque has an incredible view. An extraordinary lighting system that recreates the moon’s phases changes the brilliant gold and white colour of the sun after sunset. Visitors are highly recommended to visit here after dusk, as its lighting system depicts different phases of the moon.
  3. Go to Corniche Beach – Seeking year-round sunshine in Abu Dhabi? One of the best places to do it is on the immaculate Corniche Beach. In addition to its stunning turquoise water and soft, white sand, this beautiful beach also offers a picturesque seaside boardwalk, complete with well-kept walkways and benches overlooking the picturesque Arabian Gulf. Sunset is a great time to take a few pictures, so make sure you bring your phone. There is something unexpectedly special about this spotlessly maintained Blue Flag public beach in the heart of the UAE capital. The azure sea, the view of Lulu Island, the swaying palm trees and the gardens make it an unexpected gem.
  4. Enjoy at Ferrari World – Abu Dhabi is home to Ferrari World, the first Ferrari-branded theme park in the world. There are 37 record-breaking rides at the amusement park in the capital city of the United Arab Emirates. Ferrari World is a family-friendly park because of its wide array of rides which you can experience when you buy Ferrari world tickets. There are five restaurants at Ferrari World that serve Italian and international cuisine, so your dining experience at the venue will be predominantly Italian. In Abu Dhabi, Ferrari World has the largest Ferrari retail space in the world, where you can browse through a wide selection of branded products, including toy cars, clothing, and accessories.
  5. Have a romantic Dinner at Emirates Palace – This luxurious hotel is located on 0.8 mi of private beach, located on the shores of the Arabian Gulf. Arabia’s rich hospitality history can be seen in the silver, gold and glass mosaics d├ęcor. Offering guests the best of new and old world charm, this luxury hotel is equipped with the latest technology and offers 14 food and beverage venues. Aside from Sayad’s delicious seafood served with a spectacular view of the Gulf, the Palace’s Caviar Bar offers a world-class champagne menu and caviar selection.

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