The New iOS Update and your Ecommerce Store

Were we all not waiting eagerly for the latest iOS Update? 

And when it finally came in the recent past, this iOS Update has completely transformed the entire scenario of how a modern ecommerce store functions. It came with a lot of notable changes for ecommerce owners and digital marketers. The other major players like Google anticipate that these changes are just the start, and many more unique ones will come soon.

Like the other digital transformations, the recent iOS Update has brought brand-new opportunities and improvements for both users and ecommerce store owners. The key point for marketers is to understand what the new iOS update means for your ecommerce store and keep an open mind towards adapting the new tech-driven practices to take their online business to the next level.

In this blog, we will discuss how the latest iOS Update is having a huge impact on ecommerce stores. 

Before that, let us know what this iOS Update is all about?

The core element of this Apple iOS update was the cookie permission pop-ups that you see on almost all ecommerce stores nowadays. According to this update, the ecommerce stores should ask iPhone and iPad users for their permission before tracking their data for marketing or ad monetization purposes, including across multiple apps and websites. This will help the ecommerce stores to deliver personalized ads to the users. Before this update, users had to opt for promotional content by default.

Moreover, along with the pop-ups, the iOS users will have the power to review, make changes, and decide which apps have permission to track their data. As almost 50% of the US population owns an iPhone now, we must say this new iOS update from Apple has increased the online privacy level of many people.

Apart from the above discussed exciting element of tracking privacy updates, the new iOS update has some more key highlights worth mentioning. They are:

  • Transformation of Facebook Advertising 

As the Apple App Tracking Transparency has become a significant factor now, it has brought some huge changes in targeted ads. So, if Facebook sales are one of the prominent sources of your ecommerce store’s revenue, you need to take care of some critical factors – proper verification of your business domain and broadening of your ecommerce store’s marketing strategies.

  • Updates in Email Privacy 

According to the new iOS update, it will be very tough for the ecommerce stores to understand whether their customers are signing up for them or not. The privacy options that the recent iOS update has offered to the ios users, like hiding their email or hiding their IP address, will be responsible for that. So, in this scenario, the new metric of success for ecommerce stores should be the click rates.

  • Safari Browser with Coupon Extensions 

With the recent iOS update, the Safari browser has become the world’s first web browser with extension features. The coupon extension came as one of the unique options that users can now use as a rapid search system for finding any available coupons during ecommerce checkouts. So, if you have an ecommerce store, this will be helpful to create a flawless buying experience for your customers.

The Bottom Line 

The new iOS update is truly one of the most revolutionary things that came from Apple recently. With the above features and some more exciting ones like the Safari browser layout and SMS marketing, the recent iOS update truly transforms the ecommerce world.

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