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Sofa Arrangement Ideas For Your Living Room

Shopping for furniture for the living room can be quite an exciting task, but one also requires a good eye for detail and planning to ensure that your new furniture complements the size and shape of your living room. Since the seating area is the focal point of all living rooms, the sofa arrangement of your living room is important for consideration. You can make an utter mess of your living room with an improper and unsuitable arrangement of even the most luxurious and expensive sofa set. On the other hand, a subtle and straightforward Wakefit sofa set can enhance the overall look of your living room if arranged smartly. We have compiled a sofaset guide below to help you decide the best sofa arrangement for your living room.

The L-Shaped Arrangement

This type of sofa arrangement is perhaps the most commonly seen and works very well even in smaller spaced living rooms. A pair of 2-seaters, or a three-seater and a 2-seater are combinations that can be used to create an L-shaped seating area. The sofas are placed against the wall and are flanked by two identical side tables on each side. To achieve a complete look, the centre can be utilised to add an appropriately-sized centre table. This look ensures sufficient space to walk around in the living room by using the corners. Make sure to enhance the space with soft lighting around the corners and centre.More Info About Smihub

l And Asymmetrical Arrangements

The symmetrical arrangement of sofas is quite visually appealing and brings a sense of harmony and balance to the living room. This look is achieved by using identical pieces of sofas, side tables and accent items to create a mirror image of the other half of the living room. This kind of arrangement is best suited for large living rooms. You can also use designer sofas for living room as this arrangement gels with any interior.

Some like to experiment with their furniture and may not buy the same pattern and colour of sofas and side tables. They can use the asymmetrical type of arrangement by placing similar but not identical forms of sofas around the living room. They do not mirror each other, but a visual balance is achieved because the items are of the same shape and height.

Zonal Arrangement

If you have a space that combines the living room and the dining room, it would be ideal for separating both areas by arranging furniture in zones. In this type of setting, the seating area marks the section of the area designed for the living room. The seating area can flank the central area of the space, which would ideally have an area rug to finish the overall look. Make sure while setting up your sofas this way, there is still enough space for easy movement in between and around the seating area.

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‘Circle the rug’ Arrangement

This type of arrangement makes use of a central carpet area, mostly circular in shape, and the seating is lined along the circular carpet with sufficient space and width in between each piece. This circular arrangement of sofas in line with the circular carpet makes for a very good visual appeal and is amongst the trending modern sofa designs for the living rooms.

Mix ‘N’ Match Arrangement

This type of arrangement is quite popular in contemporary living rooms and makes use of different styles of seating arrangement such as sofas, armchairs, and accent chairs, with varying colours and sizes. The key to making this arrangement work is to create a harmonious set-up that works well within the given space and is in sync with the overall vibe of the house. This type of setup makes use of the corners as well as the centre space.More Movies Download from here kuttymovies malayalam

Flexible Arrangement

When you search for a sofaset online, you will often come across this type of sofa arrangement. This works by using a fixed bigger sofa piece while its complementary side tables, accent chairs and smaller-sized sofas are lighter, smaller and flexible to move easily. This is an efficient way to use a limited amount of space and double up its use when the occasion calls for more use of seating.

Seating Closer Together Arrangement

Most modern sofa designs for living room work by ditching the traditional arrangement of sticking sofa sets to the wall, which is now believed to cramp smaller spaces further. So, you can try pushing the furniture to the centre, away from the walls and allow breathing space for the furniture behind. This central, closed arrangement of sofas is also preferable for intimate gatherings. To give closure to the look, make sure to leave enough space in the middle for an area rug. Another point to note is to leave sufficient legroom and space to move around.

Now that you know of the various styles in which you can arrange your sofa sets, which one would you pick for your living room? Give it a thought, and do let us know!

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