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Indicators of Cheap Home Renovation

You should watch for red flags when looking for a new house. Many homes in key housing markets have been “flipped,” or bought cheaply and remodeled fast to sell for a profit. When is a house flip not going according to plan? Watch out for these things.

Kitchen Workflow Problems

Prospective buyers see granite countertop installation and shiny white surfaces. The kitchen triangle, which places the fridge, stove, and sink in close proximity, is rarely found in cheap flip jobs. Also, open all cabinet drawers and doors. Poor renovations often leave doors that don’t open or block other sections.

Uneven Flooring

Any damage to the flooring indicates a poor flip. When flooring doesn’t sit flat, it’s a major red flag, particularly in those areas surrounding doors and base molding. There was clearly a lack of time to remove the molding and jambs before laying the flooring, since it does not appear to be flush.

Inadequate attention to laying the “bones” of the construction before adding finishing touches, such as a poorly laid floor, could indicate more serious issues with the plumbing and electrical work.

Wonky Doors

When it comes to home remodel, the details matter, and one such feature is the doors. Take note of the sensations you get from opening and closing the interior and outside doors as you go through the house. 

Door jambs should close easily and latch securely if the installation was done properly. Door jambs not only open and close randomly, but won’t stay shut either.

Contractors who install a new door without removing the jamb cut corners. It’s difficult to coordinate a new door with an old jamb, so respectable builders usually repair both at once.

Unclean HVAC Unit

A home’s HVAC system is essential for controlling the internal climate and ensuring the comfort of those living there.

The HVAC system can become a breeding ground for the dust and debris that is constantly stirred up during renovations, reducing its efficiency and compromising indoor air quality.

Go to the furnace and look at the blower fan to get a feel for how clean and well-oiled the HVAC system is. A thick coating of dust on it indicates that the other parts of the HVAC system also have it. In that instance, hiring a cleaning service to come in before you move in is an absolute must.

Leaky Plumbing

Having all the faucets turned on and running for a short period of time is a great approach to check the plumbing. Do the same thing in the kitchen and bathroom. 

Make note of the water pressure, water quality, and whether or not water is dripping from the faucet bases. And why is your furnace leaking? Check under the counter for evidence.

Bottom Line

Unfortunately, after you’ve settled into your new home for a few days, you’ll see that not all of the recently remodeled parts that impressed you during the showing actually hold up under closer scrutiny. This is not an emergency, so there’s no need to freak out. Here, we can lend a hand.

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