Practical Ways to Improve Time Management Skills in the Business Setting

“Time is Money”. How many times have you heard this phrase and actually understood it? Rarely, we bet! Time, when appropriately utilized, can be the very essence of success. Subsequently, the same time when misused can show you some grave consequences. Time Management is a skill that Jason Hare has mastered with his team. Today, we will pass on some of the secret tips of this skill to you!

Practical Ways to Improve Time Management Skills

Everybody, when asked about their time, replies with one answer, “I’ve been too busy working.” But when asked if they’ve accomplished something, they exhibit a poker face. The reason is that while you spend your entire day doing something, you still fail to manage your time wisely, because of which your work and career suffer! The following points are carefully crafted for you and many others to benefit from:

● List Down Your Priorities

Believe it or not, everybody has extremely important tasks, yet they can live without them for a day or two. And then there are tasks that you push aside, but you need them the most. To learn management, you must master prioritizing.

For instance, your work on presentation is top list priority, but your filing is supposed to be submitted today. This automatically gives your filing the number one slot. Check throughout your schedule what points you can live without and jot them down for yourself; as such, you will find yourself becoming more productive!

● Identify Your Hours

Every being out there has specific hours during which they can perform their best. You do too! Identify them. Is it before lunch? After lunch? In the morning or during the evening? Once you have them identified, then plan your day according to them. Keep your most complicated tasks for power hours and the mundane ones during the time you’re not your best.

● Reward Yourself When You Finish a Task

This doesn’t mean you go overboard after completing one excel sheet. The reward should be more in terms of time-out. Treat yourself to water after you sort out your sheets or finish your presentation. If it was a considerable task, go for a short walk outside and rejuvenate yourself. When you take small breaks (1 minute or 2 minutes, or 10 minutes), you return to your desk fresher than before. This helps your mind to tackle the following task with efficiency.

● Organize the Clutter

How will you manage your time efficiently when your desk is cluttered and mismanaged? Clean it out, and watch your brain slowly turn its wheels at the tasks on hand. Many studies have pointed out that messy surroundings or cluttered spaces decrease productivity. You can experience it if you try it out yourself. When you have a clean space to work in, you can easily focus and formulate business plans quite neatly!

● Forget About Multitasking

So, Susan at her workplace is tackling her entire day by multitasking! Well, other such prominent leaders advise against it completely! So before you reprimand yourself for not being able to multitask, let us give you a friendly reminder that focusing on one task at hand helps your brain increase focus, become more efficient and boost your performance levels. While multitasking might get the job done but you will suffer from fatigue or other such phenomena. So instead of wearing yourself out, focus on one task at a time. This helps you look forward to work rather than be wary about tasks again!


Time management is something that everyone from a student to a professional executive like Jason Hare Kingston needs to master to be their best selves. The above tips mentioned will surely help you to manage your time evenly without tiring yourself out and hopefully stay on track of everything!

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