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Physics wallah is one of the largest online ed-tech organizations which helps in comprehensive and affordable learning for Grade 6 to 12 students. They also help students with JEE and NEET examination preparation. The aim is to provide in-depth knowledge to the students with the help of the top skilled mentors. If you compare, PW provides information efficiently and at a lower cost.

Mathematics is a subject that applies to our topics and real life. Getting children to like this article is a challenge, especially for parents. It takes a lot of brainpower to succeed in Maths, which can be difficult for children. Some students may find it challenging to read Maths. So, Physics wallah introduces here a simple and easy way for kids and high school students to learn Maths. Mathematical bases here become a solution to solving basic arithmetic calculations.

How can you learn basic maths with Physics wallah online?

Explaining the concept

The first step will be the introduction of the topics which means starting with the basics. Without clearing the basics, students will not be able to move on to the next issue. Here our mentors will focus on every student and help them in shedding the basics. There’re many ways to clear your concepts in online modes, like video tutorials, mock tests, NCERT Solutions, etc.

Do practice problems

Practice problems are necessary to understand the concepts and do the work. With physics wallah, you can get all the practice problems to solve at your home. If you face any trouble, we’ve doubt sessions as well. You can quickly fix your problems at your home without going anywhere. 

Understand the formulas and derivatives

Understanding the key concepts and derivatives is necessary; otherwise, you’ll not understand why these formulas are used here and how they’re going to be solved with this method. You can refer to NCERT Solutions for Class 11 Maths for your reference. The solutions provided by our experts will give you a brief explanation of the concept.

How to study basic math

The following tips are my advice; They are not there at all. Choose what works best for you.

  • Schedule a regular time for study
  • Make sure you choose a quiet place where you will not be disturbed.
  • When studying, try to read the entire lesson or chapter.
  • When you finish an entire lesson or chapter, it may leave you with a sense of accomplishment.
  • When you feel drowsy, take a short break; you will not learn much, if at all, if you are not cautious.
  • You are ready to experience the most rewarding work on this website.

How to learn math quickly

Do practice

As with any lesson or discipline, exercise is the best way to improve. You can find problems in practice online or in workbooks. Also, if you are currently in school and enrolled in a math class, be sure to do all your homework and homework. Your teacher will undoubtedly serve as a valuable tool to give you more trouble getting used to it.

Never skip classes

Even if you have enrolled in an online class and easily miss classes, it is not a good idea! It is especially true in maths because missing one class can cause you to miss out on the basic lessons each successive lesson will build on. For catching upto the class use NCERT Solutions for Class 8 so that you’ll not miss out any explanation.

Divide the question into sections

If the problem seems difficult to reach, try to break it down into sections. Mathematically, this could be arithmetic, algorithms, or geometry. Do as much as you can within the solution and ask for help if needed.

Work on your weaknesses

Mathematics is one of the subjects where your work is essential to find a solution. And purposeful, as there is only one correct answer because it is based on numbers. Therefore, you will want to understand your mistakes within your problem-solving process. This way, you can correct errors and find the right solution.

Ask your doubts

Mathematics is often a subject that needs extra help outside the classroom. It could be in the form of hiring a teacher or attending online math classes. Although there is always one correct answer to mathematical problems, there may be many ways to reach the right answer. Maybe the way you study in your classroom is not the best way for you. This is why our experts are best for you.


Doing all these steps in everything you have learned in math will take time. You don’t have to do this for all the little things you need to know. Instead, think of this as a progress bar. Every mathematical concept you are learning can go from step one to step five, deepening your knowledge and increasing your usefulness for math each time. Some ideas will be significant enough to want to use them well. 

Some will be strange enough that just looking at the description is all the time you can save. In particular, you should focus on the essential concepts of each idea. Mathematics is often in-depth; often, there may be several enormous ideas in an entire semester class, all other ideas being a different expression of that basic concept.

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