Knowledge of pitted scars and stretch marks

Atrophic scar on the face, especially if you have sensitive skin ผิวแพ้ง่าย . The more difficult to treat because the need for various drugs to help. pitted scar Usually occurs after acne, chickenpox. and is often found around the cheekbones The chin or nose area Convex scars are often seen if the inflammation is severe, such as cystitis, elephantiasis, or if left untreated for a long time. will be more likely to cause a pitted scar

Inflammation resulting from inflammatory acne, infected wounds, chickenpox results in the destruction of collagen in the dermis. Thus causing the collapse of the skin in that position. If the inflammation is severe and long. will increase the chances of collapsing the skin become more holes

Try to picture it. If there are many scars on the face, it will make the skin look uneven and rough, resulting in stress. and lack of confidence in socializing because of being teased by a friend The face is like the moon. In fact, the moon is beautiful if you look at the soft light of the moon. Still like to peek often if we don’t focus on the hole in the moon’s surface. So does the face. It’s just an outward appearance. is not more important than the virtues that we have But because sometimes we have to use the look. to enhance personality and confidence Therefore, there are guidelines for treating pitted scars. Let’s talk to each other as follows.


  1. Fractional laser It is a skin treatment using laser light. The collagen in the skin is rearranged. a new skin layer The scar is pitted so gradually shallow after treatment The laser light used is The erbium fragment or the carbon dioxide fragment During that time, we should take care of our skin regularly by washing your face thoroughly with cleansing foam โฟมล้างหน้า to avoid acne and cause further inflammation.

If the treatment is done in the area of ​​rough skin It is similar to a facial scrub. making scars of the hole shallower Reduce the sharpness of the scar edge Make the skin more smooth and in case of wanting to make the scars of the hole type smoother until satisfied bruise treatment should be performed By leaving a period of about 1 month and after treatment, there will be a burning sensation on the first day. After that, the wound will scab. The scabs usually fall off within a week.

  1. Subcision (Subcision) is the use of a needle to penetrate into a deep hole. to cut the fascia under the skin that pulls back the wound at that point resulting in a cavity And the dollar was created and rearranged.

The side effects found are bruising in that area But it usually disappears within 1 week. In some cases, fillers may be injected. such as hyaluronic acid Followed into the cavity that occurs after the job. to make scars almost instantly shallow After the injection

But it must be carefully considered that the cost of injecting fillers into it Is it too high? Currently, there are reports of air or water injection into the cavity occurring. after subsistence instead of filler injection which costs less But in terms of treatment results You will have to follow each other for a while.

when we look at the moon We looked at the beautiful light. It’s not a hole in the surface of the moon, neither are we. Facial skin is only one part, not the whole. Because true beauty comes from a comfortable mind.


  • Treat skin inflammation properly.

**In case of acne If not treated properly as well as lack of prescribing To prevent clogging and the formation of new pimples. New inflammatory acne can be formed again. Resulting in more pitted scars as well. However, acne scar treatment costs money. which must be considered appropriate for the budget that we have


  • Remove pimples or scratch the rash area, inflamed skin.
  • Exposure to sunlight after the first week of fractional laser treatment. Because it may cause dark marks after laser treatment.

Note : After treatment with fractional erbium laser will cause less hyperpigmentation than the fractional carbon dioxide laser treatment.


I’ve heard that there are products that are applied topically. To treat pitted scars, is it true or not?


pitted scar treatment Must cause changes in the skin layer deep to the dermis layer which apply a drug or cream to remove scars Can not treat or cause changes in this way.

stretch marks

Stretch marks are caused by stretching of the skin. within a short time This can be found in certain parts of the body, such as the belly of a pregnant woman, the hips, thighs, buttocks of a teenage girl. hips are spreading It can also be found on the body of adolescent males. During age, height increases rapidly (Growth spurt)


Initially the notch, but it turned out to be a line. Visible red streaks are also collapsing the atrophy of the skin layer. in a later period The red stretch marks will eventually turn white.

purple stretch marks Not caused by stretching of the skin as in this case. But it is a side effect of steroid exposure.


  1. The laser group used to treat red blood vessels, such as Pulsed dye laser, can be used to correct the redness. If there is no laser machine of this type It may use IPL instead. by selecting the appropriate filter Does not cause scars after treatment and can be repeated every 2-4 weeks
  2. A group of lasers that are used for skin resurfacing are fractional lasers such as erbium waves or carbon dioxide. After the treatment, the dermis will be rearranged to make the skin in that area smoother. After the treatment, there will be scabs on the skin for 1 week and can be repeated every 4 weeks until satisfactory results.
  3. Apply vitamin A derivatives, such as tretinoin, to help skin exfoliate more properly. However, the results are not very noticeable and must be applied continuously for several months. To see the results of treatment in the stretch marks

If possible and without any restrictions including finance Treatment should be started in the early stages of the wound that is still red. If the scar is white already. To cut the joints with laser or IPL to treat redness out of it.


The area of ​​the skin that is about to be stretched Moisturizing products should be applied regularly. By applying before the skin adhesion. such as the abdomen of a woman who is beginning to become pregnant But this case is different from the drug used to treat stretch marks. Do not contain any drug that is a derivative of vitamin A. ingestion or ingestion of substances containing vitamin A It is contraindicated in pregnant women. Because it may affect the fetus to cause disabilities.


  • Apply moisturizing products to the skin. The part that is fixed regularly


  • Expensive Task Gel. to treat stretch marks


Doctor, these stretch marks If left, will it disappear on its own?


that stretch mark If left, it will fade. but not completely healed It usually takes several months or even years for the marks to fade.

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