Artemisol suppositories for HPV new product from Eistria

HPV virus is commonly found in men and women. It’s a contagious disease and can be transmitted sexually from one person to another. Most women are the victims of the HPV virus because it hits the genital organs and is found in the vaginal mucosa and cervix. If it’s not treated accurately, it may lead to condyloma and ultimately cause cervical cancer.

However, Eistria LTD has served people for many years to provide effective and beneficial medicines. It’s a company of reliable and professional experts to make and test the efficacy of medicine before introducing it on the market. It’s purely herbal and made with natural ingredients, and the company is making sure to provide 100% positive results against the HPV virus.

How HPV virus strikes the body?

It is reported that 200 different types of HPV virus can strike the human body and cause skin infection in the mucosal membrane. It may be the mouth and cervical region. In addition, it may be of low and high-risk HPV infection. When a virus strikes on the body, you may get a skin wart first. If it’s not treated precisely, it may convert into cancer, and it’s a life-threatening disease for both genders.

Moreover, Artemisol vaginal suppositories are introduced by Eistria LTD to serve the people, and it’s an external drug you can insert into the vagina.

What is the composition of suppositories?

Eistria LTD provides tried and tested medicine using organic ingredients. So, its chemical composition is purely natural, and you can use it safely without worrying about any external skin infection.

Curcumin extracts 100mg, Artemisinin 99% 100mg, Dimethyl sulfoxide 100mg,  Sweet wormwood oil 50mg, Boswelia Serrata oil 200mg, Peppermint oil 50mg, Turmeric oil 100mg, Tea tree oil 100mg, St. John’s wort oil 100mg, Eucalyptus essential oil Eucalyptus and polybractea cryptone 100mg.

How to use it?

You can insert one suppository from the package at night before going to bed. In addition, never use this product during the menstrual cycle and always wash the area before inserting this medicine.

What is the reason for HPV?

HPV usually strikes the women’s mucosal membrane and transmits sexually to men. So, when someone gets the HPV virus, they avid sexual intercourse and oral sex to take protection. In addition, condoms are not also helpful in preventing this disease. That’s why Eistria LTD is always there to help you sort out the solution and make these suppositories with 100 % efficacy to treat condyloma and HPV virus.

How to fight against HPV

Hence, vaccination is also available to protect yourself from HPV, but this virus spreads so fast in the body. So, you have to take precautions, and sometimes you never save yourself from making close contact. That’s why Eistria LTD makes Artemisol suppositories to help mankind. Its new and effective medicine to cure low and high-risk HPV infections. Experts make sure to take the medication by using herbal and organic ingredients. Its safe and 100 % authentic medicine to treat HPV infection.

Over to you

Artemisol suppositories are made by Eistria LTD, a well-known company for its organic and natural drugs compositions. It’s available with 100 & positive results and saves you from cervical cancers and skin mucosal infections.


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