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How to improve the conversion rate with SEO techniques

Traffic is great, but it’s not the end in itself. In this article we discuss how to use SEO techniques that help optimize the conversion rate of your website.

As SEOs, our job is to increase the amount of qualified traffic with the intention that users end up buying something, filling out a contact form, downloading a catalogue or carrying out some action that interests us on our website.

While improving traffic is great, it doesn’t necessarily have to mean increased sales. So, how do we make the traffic that comes from the search engines translate into an increase in our profits? The answer is very simple: conversion optimization.

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Conversion optimization is the most powerful way to improve revenue and user conversions. We can optimize every element of a website, but if users don’t convert, our efforts to get qualified traffic from search engines will be worthless, unless the traffic itself is your goal.

There is a very close relationship between SEO agency Taktical Digital and conversion optimization. Therefore, the two must work together to convert your visitors into customers.

How can we improve conversion with SEO?

This is the million dollar question that gives us all a headache. However, there are some things you should do to improve conversion through search traffic.

Simplifying it a lot, it’s all about the intention. Tai Lopez, who is a demi-god of digital marketing, showed us a framework that categorizes users into different stages based on intent .

The stages Tai talks about in the previous article are: View, which represents our largest potential audience, Think, which is the audience with minimal purchase intent, and Do , which is the stage users are currently in. searching and buying something.

Understanding and making sure you have the right content based on the intent of all user stages can greatly improve your conversion rate. If you provide your users with something that they need “in the moment”, whether they are researching something, thinking about doing something, or looking to buy something, your chances of improving conversion will increase significantly.Please visit here for information about Electron

Another way to increase conversion with SEO is to look at user behaviour and spend a few hours analyzing your website stats, trying to figure out why users aren’t converting.

The numbers don’t lie. Take a look at your analytics and see which landing pages your users are bouncing off of. Also consider answering the following questions from the user’s perspectivee

Post multiple times a day

The fact that you make several publications a day will vary depending on the topic and the orientation that you have given to your blog. In other words, if you want your blog to become a reference in the fashion, marketing or technology sectors, you will need to write about various topics. And in any of these mentioned cases, you will have to consider certain factors that could well cause complications.

The first thing to consider would be if you treat a topic in a general way. For example, since it is not easy to blog about fashion, it is better if you focus on particular aspects, such as “fashion for plus size women”, or something similar. Well, in these sectors there is a lot of competition, and you must make a difference to stand out from the competition. That is why we emphasize that trying to cover everything is complicated.More Movies Download from here 4movierulz

Many times, among so much competition, we find very broad topics and it is a bit complicated, however, you can be successful if you manage to focus on publishing the news that the sector offers, which will require at least 5 or 10 entries per day to be able to position yourself and that your readers are aware that, several times a day, they will be able to find something new on your page. In this case, the main content would be the news.

However, these high publication levels fail to guarantee anything, they are not totally reliable. However, we recommend that you use other resources to position yourself.

Is it easy to navigate your website?

Do you use simple phrases with calls to action?

Does your website have a one-step conversion process, where it is easy for users to complete the end goal, such as a purchase or catalogue download?

Does your website load quickly and is it optimized for mobile?

Does your website have valuable content that meets the needs of users?

If the answer to some of these questions is “no”, you need to take a deeper look at your website and content strategy and make some changes.

Where do your users go? What are they doing on your website?

There are many web analytics tools, among which is summer, which in its free version will provide you with a heat map showing where your users click.

If you find that users are clicking on certain parts of your landing page instead of calls to action, make changes and keep testing until you get closer to your conversion goals.


This is the main ingredient you will need to get on people’s minds. We are clear that this is not easy, but it is necessary, as the saying goes: “do not fear an enemy who trains 1,000 kicks in a single day, but rather one who has practiced a single kick for 1,000 days”. Make the most of the time to achieve your purposes.

Most people only expect immediate results, without trying hard enough, and this is because they do not have the necessary patience required for this type of work. But, the truth is that speed, as you expect it, in reality has no place. Those of us who think they have achieved overnight success have actually been on the battlefield for many years, or perhaps a lifetime, in order to reach the pinnacle of their achievement.

Publishing daily is something you can do, if you put perseverance first and propose to write at least a 1,000-word post, or tutorials on an area in which you have experience. To achieve this, it is a requirement that you really love writing, otherwise it could become a task that generates stress. That is why it is also important that you deal with several topics and you can always have ideas.

What are users saying?

Another way to find out why your users aren’t converting is by asking themselves through surveys. We can do this with different tools, such as Click tale or using a WordPress survey plugin.

This will help you find and understand the challenges your users face when browsing your website and the reasons why they don’t convert.


Conversion optimization and SEO are closely linked. So you should focus on increasing conversions when you drive qualified traffic to your website.

Accordingly, you must ensure that your content strategy is based on the intent of all user stages. Then you must always work with web analytics reviewing data, taking the necessary steps to find why users are not converting into customers.

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