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How To Use TikTok Marketing For Your Brand

Nowadays, few people have not heard at least something about the currently most popular social platform TikTok, which has a huge number of active users around the world.

Using this platform, people around the world can share various content and not only entertaining content. In addition to funny clips, users share informative, educational, advertising, relating to news, motion pictures, and other types of videos.

At the same time, now this social media is in demand not only among ordinary users but also among large companies, as well as small and medium-sized businesses. This is justified by the fact that various companies use TikTok marketing for their brand promotion.

While marketing on TikTok can be quite expensive, it is highly effective. Different companies can use not only paid TikTok Ads but also simply follow trends, which also has a great effect on success and recognition.

In this article, we will talk about marketing and advertising on this platform and how you can use TikTok for business.


Before we start talking about marketing and possible advertisements that can help any business grow and prosper, it is worth mentioning TikTok statistics to understand the scale of success of this platform.

  • The platform has over one billion monthly users who actively use the platform, whether they are producing new content or are passive viewers.
  • The application has been installed more than two and a half billion times on various devices.
  • On average, each user spends about one hour a day in this application.
  • Over 50% of users are Zoomers.

Business Value

In general, one can easily assess the value of this platform for various businesses by looking at the success of companies and brands that have been actively creating content in the application for a long time and taking advantage of all the marketing opportunities. Among those who have achieved great success are Chipotle, the Washington Post, Gucci, Guess, and many others.

The biggest advantage is that everyone creates content on the same terms. Here, any video can become viral, even if the account has a small number of subscribers. The most surprising thing is that while other brands can spend a huge amount of money on PR, banner ads, TV ads, and other traditional marketing methods, here, simply creating content that will be interesting to the user, you can achieve incredible success.

How to Use it

Creating an account

It all starts with creating an account, where companies can add their avatar, leave links to other social media accounts and their websites. After that, you need to start creating clips.

It is quite simple to do this since right in the application you can both shoot clips and edit them. In edit mode, you can increase playback speed, apply effects, use the beauty tool, add sounds, and more. However, not everyone likes to use the built-in editor. Many prefer to use the simple iMovie application or download iMovie for Windows, where it is possible to take advantage of a wider range of editing tools.

Once the clip is ready, you can choose the best time to post and upload it.

Official ads

If you need a quick result, then in this regard, you can use the official options for promotional offers. However, it is worth noting that this is not a cheap pleasure and not every small business will be able to afford it.

The following options are highly effective:

  • An advertising clip that will be shown when the application is launched;
  • Promotional videos that appear in the feed when users view suggested content on FYP;
  • Clips that will encourage users to create their content using certain hashtags;
  • Branded filters that all users can take advantage of.

Working with opinion leaders

Like any other social platform, there are a huge number of creatives who have become influencers by creating their content. Such creators have a huge number of fans who follow the release of new clips.

You can collaborate with influencers who will mention your products or the company as a whole so that as many users as possible find out about you. However, here it is worth considering that you need to look for celebrities who can organically promote your product. For example, if you are selling sports equipment, then you can look for bloggers who have become famous for their fitness videos and all of their content is related to the field of sports.

Selling videos

A recent innovation that has made this platform even more attractive to various companies is that it would soon be possible to create motion pictures where users can buy a product or service. This feature has been on Instagram for a long time, and now it is being actively developed and tested in this application.

When this opportunity becomes available for companies and brands, this platform will become not only a place where you can increase brand awareness and expand your audience, but also a sales channel.

Budget Marketing

The above methods are available for large companies that can allocate a large budget to purchase advertising. However, companies that cannot afford this can take advantage of less costly options. This means that you need to focus on creating content that will be viewed by users and that will be of value to them.

It is worth understanding that content is the cornerstone here, and if you cannot interest users, then there is no talk about any success. It is not necessary to create live content, you can also make animated clips using the services of a video animation agency. The main thing is that you need to be interesting to watch.

First of all, if you want to be relevant, then you should start by understanding what is interesting to users. This is easy enough if you visit the “Discover” tab, where you can discover popular hashtags and challenges that users take part in.

You don’t have to invent something new, because you can join the trends , and you will see how effective it is. In addition to tracking hashtags, use hype music, discover popular effects and filters, create duets, and much more.


This platform is a valuable asset for various companies, both large and small. Here you can use both paid promotion opportunities if you can allocate a budget for it, or simply create useful and interesting content for your customers that will resonate in the hearts of many users.

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