How To Shortlist a Beauty Cream for Winters?

Even though winters are fun, they can also be tricky for your skin. With the chilly winds settling in, the environment becomes drier, and your skin starts becoming drier. A loss of moisture could lead to a loss of water and essential oils from the skin cells. Taken over a period of time, this makes our skin inflamed and prone to rashes.

So, what you need is a solution to keep your skin moisturized and healthy as ever- and this is where opting for a good-quality, natural, safe, and nourishing beauty cream comes in.

Filled with ingredients to protect your skin from the immense freezing conditions, cold creams are essential to your daily skincare routine in winters. A nourishing cream is a topical application that provides an adequate and requisite dose of nutrition in the form of water- and oil-based content to the skin cells, thus helping your skin be soft, glowing, and radiant.

No matter what version of it, every beauty cream has a significant role to play for your skin. But the real question is, how do you shortlist the right cream? We are offering this informative article to help you answer these important questions. But, first, let’s discuss some key points and understand what you need to keep in mind when opting for cream in the winter season.

Things to Know While Shortlisting a Beauty Cream for Winters

Skincare is a time-intensive process, and it requires a lot of preparation and smart work daily. So, you would always find doctors, skincare experts, and dermatologists stressing the importance of taking a nutritious diet and taking a six-hour sleep every day.

With regards to opting for a safe and nourishing skincare product, here are the key things that should be kept in mind. These points are especially relevant in the context of the winter season:

1. Check Your Skin Type

No matter what your choice is in terms of a particular product, the first thing to do is know your skin type. Many ranges in a cosmetic market full of quality products may not suit a particular skin type. Using such products, in that case, can cause a serious allergic reaction or damage to your skin.

An ideal approach, in this case, is to look for natural beauty creams. The reason? Well, most natural creams do not contain any harmful chemicals or toxins which can cause damage to your skin. Since there are no such ingredients, natural creams suit just about every skin type. Thus, it is always advisable to note your skin type before searching or shortlisting a cream.

2. Aloe Vera Is a Magical Ingredient

One of the most powerful natural ingredients to have in a beauty cream, Aloe Vera can be a game-changer in many ways. It can heal your dry skin because it is a natural moisturizer and is enriched with vitamin E.

Pure Aloe Vera extract can heal your dry skin and prevent it from looking dull. Hence, not just in terms of creams, but look for aloe vera in just about every product you choose to use in winter. It also does not have any smell or odor of its own, and thus you can pair it up with other skincare products.

3. Look for Almond Oil as An Ingredient

Almond Oil is another promising ingredient you should look for when shortlisting a beauty cream in winter. It is an ingredient that can make your skin soft and supple even in severe freezing conditions. In addition, a popular product like Vitamin C Nourishing Cold Cream can be an ideal addition to your beauty collection for the winter season.

Packed with Almond Oil amongst other natural ingredients, it is probably the best cream for face glow and is India’s first Made Safe Certified Cold Cream which comes from a natural brand like Mamaearth. So, do not forget to look for Almond Oil as an Ingredient the next time you think about using cream in winters.

4. Face Glow A Concern? Shortlist a Vitamin E Cream

While shortlisting the right face cream can be a daunting task, it is always good to search for something that aligns with your needs. Let’s take the example of a glowing cream. If your dream is to get that old glowing skin even during the winter months, we suggest you look for beauty creams that contain ingredients like Vitamin E.

It is one ingredient that can rejuvenate your skin by sealing in the essential moisture. This not only restores the original state of your skin but also keeps your skin healthy and glowing.

We may also talk about Mamaearth Ubtan Nourishing Face Cream. Packed with numerous other natural ingredients apart from Vitamin E, the cream is perfect for your skin and combines the power of multiple ingredients to give you a perfect glow.

Now while the points mentioned above should be kept in mind while shortlisting a beauty cream, there are certain things that one should also follow alongside using a cream. So, let’s discuss them too.

Other Tips to Protect Your Skin During Winters

Here are some tips that you need to know to protect your skin during winters.

5. Avoid Extra Hot Showers

Winters call for hot showers! However, too much of a hot shower can dry your skin faster by removing the natural oils. This may also cause dandruff and dermatitis, two of the most common hair care issues.

6. Moisturize Your Skin Right After a Shower

Right after you shower, do not forget to moisturize your skin, as taking a shower makes your skin extra dry. An ideal approach, in this case, is to use a natural cream to moisturize your skin.

7. Add an Extra Dose of Antioxidants

While natural creams usually contain antioxidants beneficial for your skin, you can add an extra dose of it by eating more antioxidant-rich fruits and vegetables (like pears, cranberries, and dark chocolate) in winters. This helps in keeping your skin healthy.

8. Eat Foods Rich in Healthy Fat

Adding foods rich in healthy fats such as fish, seeds, and nuts to your diet can be beneficial in many ways, especially in winters.

Summing up

While the winters are full of fun, they also are times when your skin needs extra care. And perhaps the best way to do that is to add some extra nourishment from a natural beauty cream.

Selecting the right cream can be tough, it is wise to look for key ingredients and know your skin type before shortlisting any product. So, remember to keep the points mentioned above in mind while picking the right cream in this season to have glowing and radiant skin!

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