What Health Problems Can Obesity Cause

There is a specific scale with which you can measure your body weight. This is known as BODY MASS INDEX. It is a perfect mix of your weight and height. It’s necessary because the healthy weight of a person varies depending on their height.

After research and studies, scientists have come to a conclusion about the best BMI for people. It’s only applicable to kids that are two years to teenagers that are 18 years old.

Underweight: less than 5%

Obese: more than 95

Overweight: 85 – 95

Normal: 5 – 85

However, if you are stressed out about the weight of your kid, it’s best to take them to a doctor.

·  Obesity in kids

We can’t pinpoint the specific reason for your kid becoming obese. However, here are some possible reasons;

Our genes are passed on to the next generation. They determine the weight, size, and height of a person. However, recent studies show that not only genes that decide body shape are passed on to the next generations. But also habits are passed on. Thus unhealthy eating habits can cause obesity to run in the family.

Kids should do exercise for at least 1 hour a day. Start with 1 hour and gradually increase the period. To see results, consistency is important.

· Diseases due to obesity

You can face endless problems, diseases, and issues because of obesity. Obese people are at high risk of getting a heart attack. Moreover, overweight kids face puberty much earlier than kids of normal weight. This can leave a sense of insecurity which highly affects kids’ self-esteem in the future.

Moreover, dysfunction of vital organs such as the liver, spleen, and heart is a common occurrence in this condition. Some doctors also suggest that methylfolate deficiency symptoms can look very similar to a disease caused by obesity, when in fact its not.

However, sometimes kids are being bullied in school, which greatly impacts their minds. Try to notice any signs of emotional trauma in kids. In such situations, kids can also become obese. Kids with low self-esteem can face various struggles in life. They might become addicted to smoking, alcohol, and drugs.

· Prevent obesity

You should not force your kid to lose weight. This might worsen the issue. You should take every step carefully. Start with exercise, healthy eating, and a healthy lifestyle. Avoid making some of these mistakes!

Don’t shower kids with sweets, candies, and cake when they do something good. Instead, reward them by watching their favorite movie. Adopting a healthy hobby, going hiking, or on vacation.

Avoid stopping children from eating food. Children are rebellious, and they love breaking the rules. So make rules carefully.

· Suggestions for kids

Here are some things you can do for weight loss for your kid;

One-year-old: breastfeeding

2 – 5: healthy eating habits

6 – 12: exercise

13 – 18: healthy lifestyle

Final Thoughts

Remember, your kid won’t follow your words but will definitely follow you. Start being a role model for the kid. Adopt healthy weight loss habits. This will strengthen the bond between you and your kid. Moreover, remember your kid will be thankful to you for this.

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