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The fashion business is all the rage right now. And the industry has grown from $25.09 billion in 2020 to $30.58 billion in 2021 and will grow again to $39.84 billion by 2025. But you have been serving the industry for a long time now, and despite its exponential growth, there are no positive results for you. Have you wondered why?

Maybe your marketing strategy requires improvement, or it might be that your PPC ad campaigns are not customized toward the target audience, or you are not using everything that the social media platforms offer.

And remember, this is an age of digital technology; do not just compete for brick-and-mortar sales and foot traffic but also those early morning clicks and late-night purchases from online customers.

So, here are some fashion business marketing tips that can help you stand out:

1. Work on Your Social Media Presence

First of all, clearly understand the best social media platforms for your fashion business marketing plan. The key lies in meeting the fashion requirements of your target audience through social networks.

You can use social media sites to promote your fashion brand or drive traffic to your site. You can start by providing single-use promotions customized to the audiences’ requirements, which goes a long way in strengthening relationships with the followers.

But do not use social media for your fashion brand marketing just for doing it. Make sure your social media presence is intentional and strategic. A good example is Tiffany & Co, American luxury jewelry and specialty retailer.

It took its social media presence to the next level by being responsive to its audiences and giving them enough engagement scope. The company has even launched an app that the audiences can use for choosing different carat weights and jewelry styles. Audiences can even take a hand-selfie to try Tiffany jewelry virtually and find out how it looks on their hands. This social media strategy brought about a 20% increase in the company’s sales.

So, the key takeaway here is you must aim at making your social media marketing campaign enjoyable for the people to participate.

2. Put Some Thought, Money, and Time into Your Fashion Website

Over 1875 fashion stores called it quit last year, says a report by Women’s Wear Daily. But, another report says that revenues in the fashion industry have increased from £360.7B in 2018 to £534.5B in 2022. Now, this is contradictory- how are the earnings increasing if so many fashion shops have closed?

The answer is the internet. There has been a huge change in the shopping habits of people. These days, customers prefer online stores instead of stores with a physical location. So, it means getting a website as soon as possible if you do not have one. So, you are changing from fashion business to a fashion eCommerce business.

Whether you have a site or are developing one, make sure the site’s feel, look, and functionality serve as the virtual storefront of your brand. Make sure to update and test your site regularly while keeping it looking fabulous all the time. It’s the same as you would maintain your fashion store’s window display.

3. Try Referral Marketing

Many fashion businesses do not utilize referral marketing, which has the potential of bringing in good results not just in the fashion industry but even in the other industries.

Birchbox, a monthly subscription service provider in New York that sends its subscribers a box o 4 to 5 selected samples of makeup, or other beauty-related products, is a shining example of an organization using referral marketing.

By making a user-friendly and simple referral program, the company empowers its fans to spread the word about it. The fans should sign up, buy a box, and get reminders to inform their friends about the same.

Additionally, every individual referring a friend successfully gets 50 points per referral. These 50 points translate into 5 dollars of online credit, giving fans huge savings on their next Birchbox purchase.

The referral marketing technique works as its fashion manager, making the in-house fashion managers obsolete. This technique works well with social media marketing because happy customers will share their brand new fashion items across all the social media channels. This will spark viral referral marketing that can eventually help you make millions.

The key takeaway here is you must throw the referral marketing system into your fashion business marketing blend to let customers do the heavy lifting for you.

4. Use Videos As and When Possible

Videos are hot, hot, and very hot! They are among the best marketing tools for businesses, small and large. Marketers using videos in their marketing mix claim a 49% faster growth in their revenues than those who do not. So, if you are not using videos for fashion marketing yet, it is high time you get on this train!

You can use videos in a number of ways to market your fashion business. Use a video maker for making videos of models showing off your summer collection or some of your best-selling products.

You can also make videos to sneak peek into your new line of products. Video marketing can serve as one of the most helpful marketing techniques for your social media advertisements, email marketing campaigns, and website.

5. Use Paid Advertisements

Since fashion is one of the largest eCommerce business segments in the world, it will work for you to use paid advertisements to keep up with the highly competitive world of online fashion advertisements.

The use of paid ads can help increase the purchase of your products really fast. You will see instant results and even get the ability to reach customers when they are in utter need of your services.

You can start by using different advertisements on platforms like Instagram and Facebook. Also, work on programming a definite set of actions for reaching the target audience.

From here, you can organize varied guidelines for increasing your fashion business’s visibility and improving your fashion digital marketing plan. All this together will certainly increase your earnings through online payments and purchases.


It’s very easy to move on in the fashion world. Despite huge competition in this field, fashion marketing is no rocket science. It is the easiest, provided you show creativity and innovation. It’s easy because you always have a buyer and the entire world is your target audience.

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