Characteristics to Look for When Purchasing Electric Air Compressor Machines

Electric air compressor machines have made it easier to carry out many activities such as mining, farming, hospitality, manufacturing, and automotive these are a few to mention. These machines use electricity as it is a cheaper energy source and requires less maintenance, which lowers service costs.This article will go over the characteristics to look for when acquiring these machines.

Most activities have become easier as a result of technological advancements. The invention of machines such as the electric air compressor has proven beneficial.These compressors are ideal for interior jobs or use in low-emission zones because they produce no emissions.Several sorts of machines are available, each with its own set of features, which should be researched before purchase. Some of the characteristics are;

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The motor power of the air compressor is measured in horsepower. While most air compressors have a horsepower rating of 1 to 2 HP, higher horsepower is available for more heavy-duty applications. For modest home renovation work, however, you may not require much more than a.7-1 HP engine. Tuning up your car or inflating your tires, for example, may not necessitate the use of a powerful air compressor. Though it won’t have constant power, you’ll be able to nail, drill, or retch frequently.

Tank size

The air compressor tank denotes the air chamber, which is used to hold compressed air. As a result, a high tank capacity means you’ll have a steady flow of air for your project, which is useful when spraying, painting, or sandblasting. A huge tank, on the other hand, does not always imply higher power. A small tank-sized air compressor with a greater PSI can apply more pressure than a large air compressor with a lower PSI.

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The size of the compressor’s tank plays a huge role in determining the electric air compressor price in Kenya.


When choosing an air compressor for a project, portability is considered. Modern air compressors are designed to be lighter and more portable such that they may even be transported in the back of your truck for off-site projects. Furthermore, most air compressors are equipped with wheels and handles for easy transportation.


Some air compressors may be rather noisy, which might be aggravating if you’re working at home. Because gas-powered air compressors may be fairly noisy, you should consider an electric air compressor for simple home repair chores since they are far quieter than gas-powered ones.

Power type

Air compressors are available in two types: gas-powered and electric-powered. While gas-powered air compressors are ideal for heavy-duty applications, a basic electric-run air compressor may be sufficient. The mechanics of air compressors are made up of numerous pistons, which must be lubricated for them to function.


An air compressor can be a useful and distinctive addition to your home workshop. Before buying one, you should assess your needs. If you intend to use specialist tools, confirm that the air compressor is up to the task. Choose an air pressure and volume that meets your demands.

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