5 Gorgeous Islands in Thailand

Thailand is known for many things, from magnificent temples to amazing party places. It is beautiful, it is modern and it lets nature thrive so you can experience the best of the best. Offering the best hospitality, if you get stuck somewhere, people of Thailand are always ready to offer a helping hand. Thai food is the best of the best and this exotic cuisine will become your favorite as you spend your time in Thailand. This place is also rich with history and visiting the famous cultural and archeological sites is way too much fun and at the same time very educational. And when it comes to islands, Thailand is behind no one in offering the very best. Famous for its beautiful islands, 1430 in total, there is no way you would not visit even one when so much is offered. From exotic beaches to the most wonderful cruising locations, there is no shortage of alluring destinations in Thailand. Take a trip to this fascinating land and stay for a few days to truly appreciate the beauty of this place. And if you are confused which islands you want to visit first, here is a list of five islands that you must visit on your trip to Thailand.

1. Koh Phi Phi

If you are on a solo trip, Koh Phi Phi might be the best place to start. It is sophisticated and clean and has tons of activities to offer that will always keep you busy. Go swimming, snorkeling, deep sea diving, shopping or on a boat trip, this island has it all and is the highlight of Thailand packages. The best part is the friends you would make here, whether doing some water activities or hanging out at the bars on the beach, you would find like minded people to connect with, so we guarantee you will have an amazing time.

2. Similan Islands

Closed for tourists from May to October, the Similan Islands is a chain of nine gorgeous islands where you can over untouched coral reefs and explore the beauty of these islands all by yourself. Island Koh Miang, also known as ‘number four’ is famous for its simple bamboo bungalows. These nine islands come together to form a national park in the Andaman sea and Koh Similan, island number eight, is the largest of them all. And if you visit anytime from February to April, you might even spot whale sharks in the water.

3. Koh Si Chang

Not to be confused with Koh Chang, Koh Si Chang is an island closest to Bangkok. A visit here would be the most convenient if you are staying only for a few days. Unlike other islands of Thailand, Koh Si Chang is not famous for white sandy beaches, but it provides the perfect escape from the rush of the city and offers peace and serenity in the best way possible. The Paree Hut Resort has cute little cottages to stay in and they are right by the water so you walk up to a magnificent view everytime you leave your cottage.

4. Koh Tao

Koh Tao is also known as Turtle Island and is the most famous diving destination. If you want to learn diving, this place offers the best courses, short and long. And if you already are a certified diver, well then what are you waiting for, go out and explore. But diving is not the only thing this island is famous for, have you heard about the full moon parties here? They are absolutely amazing and energetic, and will keep you drinking and dancing till the sun comes up. Whether you are here for the sea or the nightlife, you would not leave disappointed.

5. Koh Yao Islands

If you are looking for offbeat locations then Koh Yao islands are the ones for you. Koh Yao Yai and Koh Yao Noi do not have fancy resorts and crowded beaches, instead they have quiet fishing villages. It is quiet and beautiful and allows you to explore the place in peace, away from the crowd. From lowkey beaches to lovely villages, you can spend a relaxing few days on this island and you might not even bump into another tourist the whole time. And yes, that is as excellent as it sounds if you like to stay away from the crowd.

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