Why build a career in the hospitality field?

The beginning of the hospitality industry can be traced back to 15,000 BCE, when France’s Lascaux caves were built to house other tribe members. Over the years, travelers’ changing tastes led to more unique and personalized accommodation experiences. Today, there are a variety of hotels, and people have the luxury of choosing based on their comfort. From cozy inns along the highway to luxury hotel suites in the world’s most luxurious holiday destinations, people have multiple accommodation options worldwide.

This article will explore the types of hotels, the benefits of studying hospitality and tourism, and the top reasons to build a career in the hospitality sector.

Types of hotels

According to hotel industry statistics 2022 by Gay Travel, there are more than 700,000 hotels and resorts across the world. The hospitality industry has classified hotels based on size, location, target markets, service level, facilities, number of rooms, ownership, and affiliation. Based on the classification, the following are the types of hotels in the world:

  1. Bed and breakfast
  2. Boutique hotel
  3. Casino hotel
  4. Apartment hotel
  5. Capsule hotel
  6. Guest house
  7. Motel
  8. Eco hotels
  9. Business hotels
  10. Chain hotels
  11. Inns
  12. Resorts
  13. All-suites
  14. Bunkhouses
  15. Gastro hotels
  16. Roadhouses
  17. Micro hotels
  18. Heritage hotels
  19. Hostels
  20. Zostels

Top reasons to start a career in the hospitality field

A career in the hospitality sector can be gratifying for those willing to experience fun and challenge every day. Working in the hospitality industry requires a broad range of skill sets to thrive in this dynamic and rapidly growing industry, such as empathy, customer service, leadership, patience, communication, time management, etc. If you possess problem-solving skills and are capable of meeting deadlines and remaining calm under pressure, read on to discover why you should launch a career in the hospitality field.

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  1. It’s a fastest-growing industry

From a low-priced economy room to a deluxe suite, the hospitality world has something to offer everyone. That’s why the hospitality industry is growing at a magnificent velocity to fulfill the rising demand. This fastest-growing industry requires professionals on a large scale to run the business effectively and efficiently. A recent study suggests that over the decade, there will be more than 80 million new jobs for hospitality professionals.

  1. It gives you room to grow

Hospitality is among the largest industries in the world. It has diverse service-oriented sectors, offering umpteen job opportunities. Studying hospitality and tourism equips you with the skills to land jobs in various industries. The degree opens doors to a career in multiple sectors and is not limited to hotels. You can also apply hospitality skills in marketing, finance, strategy, and operations.

  1. Opportunity to develop robust networking

The hospitality sector employs the most significant number of employees globally. This industry allows you to forge links with people to get better opportunities. Robust networking enables you to climb the career ladder rapidly.

A hospitality degree is worth your time and investment. A career in this thriving industry offers flexibility like no other. Interested students can explore top management schools in Canada to earn a hospitality degree.

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