What career options does a person doing a Master’s in finance have?

If you google the highest-paying careers in the world, you will find many job roles that can be achieved with an MSc Finance. A master’s degree in finance develops a broad range of advanced skills needed to manage challenges in the finance sector. The degree programme bolsters your financial knowledge and boosts your confidence.

A master’s in finance programme encompasses various core topics, including financial analysis, corporate finance, quantitative finance, and financial markets. The programme ensures that you have developed a fundamental understanding of how to succeed in the finance and investment domain.

In general, choosing a career path is a daunting task for students. There are a variety of fields these days that offer a lucrative career ahead. As you have narrowed down your career choice to finance, Germany would be the best country to study finance abroad.See more info from here Second Hand Mobile Phone

Why in Germany?

Germany’s Frankfurt is home to the headquarters of various leading financial services institutions. In fact, Frankfurt is also well-known as the financial centre. Thus, the city is a global hub of several leading banks, insurance companies, and private equity funds.

Furthermore, top finance companies, such as Deutsche Bank, JP Morgan, BNP Paribas, European Central Bank, Goldman Sachs, and Commerzbank, are based in Frankfurt. These finance companies provide lucrative career opportunities to finance graduates.

Germany’s Berlin homes some of the leading business schools globally that offer competitive master’s degrees in finance. Also, Berlin business schools offer 18-month degree programmes in finance tailor-made to build the most relevant acumen in the finance and investment sector. The course focuses on enhancing the employability of finance students and boosting their careers. So, studying finance in Germany is a better investment return.

Highest paying careers in finance

Students with a master’s in finance can pursue the following highest-paying roles:

  1. Investment Banker

Investment Bankers help entities raise money for expansion and improvement. These financial advisors work for corporates and government organisations. They also have the responsibility to manage a company’s initial public offering (IPO).

Average salary: EUR 1,00,057 a year

  1. Financial Analyst

Financial Analysts combine their acumen to evaluate investment opportunities for their employers. They guide their employers in making sound investment decisions. They work for corporates, non-profit organisations, and governments.

Average salary: EUR 83,367 a year

  1. Financial Advisor

Financial Advisors can work independently or choose to work for banks, businesses, or clients. These professionals provide specialist advice and guidance to their clients on managing their money. Individuals can also approach them for knowledge in tax filing, investment making, or estate planning.

Average salary: EUR 56,528 a year

  1. Actuary

Actuaries apply financial and statistical theories for assessing the likelihood of specific events in the finance and investment realm. They primarily work in banks, insurance companies, and pension funds to help them take risk-free steps in making money.

Average salary: EUR 65,982 a year

Over to you

Business schools in Germany’s Berlin offer full-time 18-month master’s in finance degree programmes in English. Apply to the course now for lucrative careers in finance!

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