A bride is the centre of attention during her wedding. Everybody has something or the other to say about her. From her wedding outfit to her wedding jewellery. With all those gorging eyes on you, isn’t it better if we handpick each of our bridal accessories? Wait! We do that, don’t we? But somehow, most of our attention goes to the outfits and the bare minimum to the jewellery for your wedding. Now with all the celebrity weddings, we have quite a few inspirational designs to choose from. To simplify your bridal jewellery shopping, here are a few trending matha Patti designs that I am so gonna knock your socks off!

  1. Kundan matha Patti: your bridal jewellery set needs to accentuate your whole look, what is better in doing so than a dainty piece of Kundan jewellery maang-tikka that not only compliments your ethnic outfits but leaves a great impression?
  2. Pearl matha patti- white is graceful. It’s minimal yet with a voice. Pearl is timeless. The best part about it is that it goes with everything. When you adorn your bridal look with a pearl matha-Patti you look glamorous and irresistible!
  3. Polki matha Patti- exquisite head gear for that big Indian wedding. Intricating it with ghungroos dazzles your whole look a bit more. You cannot go wrong with this. If you are going simple or heavy in design work in your bridal outfit this is your very piece of wedding jewellery.
  4. Heavy matha Patti- when you have always gone a bit OTT with your outfits you can’t let that slide on your wedding day? Jewellery which is heavy in detailing and with intricate designs is what you are looking for sure. Customise it to your choice of precious and semi-precious stones and you look like a queen as you walk down the aisle.
  5. Rajasthani Borla matha Patti- descending directly from the royal courts of Gujarat and Rajasthan. It’s classic and elegant. It gives a very opulent look that is royal in its nature with a class and not too heavy that it might seem like too much. A Borla matha-Patti in meenakari and jadau works with little danglers is simply perfect!
  6. Multi-layered matha Patti: a perfect headgear when you want to go gaga with your bridal jewellery set. Giving you a graceful charm while covering your front head is such a dreamy feeling! Just like Sonam Kapoor on her wedding day, it’s fashion. It’s now. 
  7. Rajput style matha Patti-  a band that goes around your crown rather than your hairline. It’s a classic princess look. Very popular among the Rajputs of Rajasthan. it gives you a very chic and minimal look that will make you sparkle throughout the wedding.  It’s almost like a sees Patti but in designs of matha Patti. If you are looking for something that looks simple from a distance but sets a fire when you put it all together. This is where you halt.
  8. Elaborate matha Patti- an elaborate matha Patti is nothing less than a classic piece to your bridal jewellery set. It’s detailed in design and bewitching. Makes you look like the winsome Indian queen as you walk down the aisle. 
  9. Lightweight matha Patti-  for the minimal bride, comfort is your vibe and we have you covered. You don’t have to overburden with the thoughts that your comfort is somehow compromised because Indian brides go heavy. You be you. The rest of the world will follow. A lightweight matha Patti with American diamonds and minimal polki designs is your choice. You wear it with confidence and the rest follows.
  10. Chaandbaali matha Patti- crescent-shaped jewellery hanging on your forehead. Can anything be more heavenly than that? You look nothing but elegant. Compliments perfectly with sparkly, big eyes.

The wedding day is one of the most important days in the life of a woman! You want it all and you deserve it! You want everything to the minute details and perfect!! However, there is no ignoring the cost! You spend a good, hefty amount for the perfect piece of clothing which makes you come down to cost-cutting to the most immaculate puzzle. The jewellery! Bridal Jewellery is made extravagant for the big day making it very hard to use for day-to-day use and that leads to keeping them in the bank locker. Resulting in it is not a great mode of investment!

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