Things Only Your Personal Injury Lawyer Can Help You With!

No one is prepared for their accident, especially when someone else being careless gets you in trouble. The aftermath of a personal injury accident can be extremely challenging for victims as they have to adjust to various changes in their lives. However, you are entitled to file a claim against the at-fault party and ease your burden by getting financial compensation.

While the law does not make it mandatory to hire a lawyer, there are various perks of letting a Newburyport personal injury lawyer handle your case. There are a few key areas that only your lawyer will be able to tell you, and if you pursue compensation without a lawyer, there are chances you may end up settling for less.

Few Things Only a Lawyer Can Help You With

  • Gathering relevant evidence. 

Evidence is crucial to support your claim and get compensation. Without having reliable evidence, you cannot get compensation. For example, without any proof of negligence and your injuries, the insurance company will not grant compensation based on the word of mouth of victims. While you are injured and recovering, it can be difficult to collect proof. This is where a lawyer can only help. They will work with other professionals to collect solid evidence to support your claim.

  • Provide an average settlement amount you should expect from the insurance company. 

You cannot predict the average settlement amount you will get from the insurance company since you may not understand all the factors. This is another reason why people who do not consult a lawyer get less compensation. While each personal injury case is different, there is no fixed compensation amount you should expect. However, a lawyer will help you calculate the average amount you are entitled to expect from the insurance company by analyzing your case closely. 

  • Getting a favorable outcome in the trial. 

Most personal injury cases do not go to trial, but in case yours does, you will need a lawyer who can assist you and represent your case in court. During the trial, the defendant party will have a lawyer too who will provide evidence of them not being negligent. Additionally, the insurance company will also provide their evidence against you to lower your compensation amount. This is where your lawyer can help in presenting all the collected evidence to get a favorable outcome and justice for you.

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