Skype vs Zoom? Which is better for online piano lessons?

Thanks to virtual video conferencing platforms that have made learning more accessible and simplified space. Especially more helpful for students learning music, online music lessons for beginners can be challenging. Therefore, students either choose skype or zoom as a medium to meet their online teacher.

In this blog, we will discuss whether skype or zoom is a better platform to consider for piano lessons?

Let’s take into consideration the critical differences between the two platforms.

1. How many people can they host?

A Skype call can have up to 50 participants, which implies that if you want to host huge classes or one-on-one sessions, Skype is a suitable choice. Each of those individuals may also participate via video conference, allowing you to keep track of all of your pupils during a lesson.

Zoom Piano Lessons may be a better alternative if you need to educate more than 50 students at once. Up to 1,000 persons can be hosted by the software, including up to 49 video conference participants. If you’re a tutor giving a lecture to a big group of pupils, you should prepare beforehand.

2. Privacy is the concern.

In case of zoom, many people have often complained regarding random people joining the meeting space in the past. However, Zoom has included a waiting room tool to address this issue, allowing users to filter who joins their video conversations.

To address the issue of waiting in the waiting room, Skype allows users to specify who must wait in the waiting room when joining a call. Admins can choose whether to filter every one or just a few persons that join the call.

3. What features do these offers?

Video webinars, integrated scheduling, and group collaboration are just a few of the capabilities available in Zoom. Cloud and local recording, quality audio, Zoom Meetings and Zoom Rooms are all-powerful aspects of this platform.

Skype also includes Skype-to-Skype calls, group calls, call forwarding, one-to-one video calls, and video messaging, among other features. You can share screens, files, and contacts and send text and video messages.

4. Duration

Video sessions on Skype may take up to 24 hours. Group meetings are limited to 40 minutes on Zoom’s free plan, while one-on-one sessions may go up to 30 hours. Breakout sessions are available on Zoom but not on Skype. Zoom’s Business and Enterprise services include recording transcripts; transcripts are unavailable over Skype.

5. User Interface

Zoom has polling and whiteboards for interactive talks, although Skype does not. You may live broadcast your meetings on social media using Zoom’s premium subscriptions. Skype does not support social media streaming.


Both Skype and Zoom include easy-to-use interfaces that make it simple to schedule and attend meetings. When hosting a meeting on Skype or Zoom, hosts are given a unique URL to distribute with meeting invitees; neither platform requires participants to download software to participate in a meeting. In terms of general user-friendliness, Skype and Zoom are tied.

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