Should I Buy Lottery Tickets Or Not? How to Invest?

Everyone has a dream of getting rich, some people choose to invest in stocks, real estate, buy gold, buy houses, buy lottery tickets. Many of us have been many times buy lottery tickets, many people consider this a life-changing habit. But have you ever won the jackpot or at least a consolation prize? So is buying lottery tickets an investment for profit or loss? The article below is by New88 will help you answer your question Should I buy lottery tickets or not?.
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Buy lottery tickets profit or loss?

People who buy lottery tickets usually have two purposes: buying to support or getting rich. With the above two purposes, most of us probably still choose to buy lottery tickets to change our lives because the jackpot prize is so attractive:

  • Northern Lottery special prize: 500 million VND when winning 5 numbers + 1 symbol
  • Southern Lottery special prize: 2 billion VND when winning 6 numbers
  • Central Lottery special prize: 2 billion VND when winning 6 numbers

The probability of winning the jackpot is too difficult. If you want to win a consolation prize, you still have to rely on luck, but there are people who spend money every day to buy a lot of lottery tickets. Therefore, buying lottery tickets to invest to get rich, to dream of changing your life is definitely a loss.

Should I buy lottery tickets or not?

The essence of playing the lottery is luck. There have been many cases of winning the lottery jackpot once, then they invested a lot in the hope of winning more next time but fell into heavy debt.

However, if you buy lottery tickets from the Northern or Southern Lottery as well as the Central Lottery with the mentality of supporting and playing for fun, this time will be more comfortable and not too important. There have been many people who bought lottery tickets without winning or losing, accidentally won a special prize and then they did many meaningful things in life.

In addition, buying lottery tickets also has a greater meaning such as supporting the poor and helping the country. According to regulations, revenue from lottery ticket sales will be divided into 5 parts with many different ratios, and will not be refunded to any lottery company or management agency, specifically:

  • 50% is used to award prizes to winners.
  • 32.25% of the state budget is used to invest in public works. This is the purpose when we participate in the lottery.
  • 15% commission for agents and 3% retailers is used to pay management costs.
  • The remaining 0.85% pays salaries for lottery company employees.

You participate in the lottery with a happy and comfortable spirit, this is very meaningful and practical. Players are not only looking for opportunities to change their luck through each ticket, but are also contributing to building the country according to the slogan “Lottery is construction – for the benefit of the country”.

In short, buying lottery tickets is not bad, not against the law, but you must be a smart player, don’t put too much emphasis on winning or losing after looking at lottery tickets or consider this an opportunity to get rich quickly. Please play within economic conditions.

Reasons why players should buy lottery tickets, especially online lottery tickets

Freedom to live comfortably as desired

One reason people like to play the lottery is because a big win will allow them to have a comfortable life that they have never experienced before. We all have that image of quitting our jobs to retire early without having to worry about finances for the rest of our lives. We also dream of buying ourselves a nice house, a nice car or two and to pamper our loved ones with a comfortable and luxurious lifestyle.
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The JACKPOT award is too high

No lottery player can miss out on the big jackpot, especially those who play MEGA 6/45 or POWER 6/55. When the big prize appears, there will be many people who want to buy tickets, even people who don’t often play the lottery will want to buy. Buying lottery tickets ONLINE is very easy and convenient, especially for people who work in the office and don’t have time to travel.

Play according to habit

We often have the habit of playing continuously out of enjoyment and thinking that we can eventually win something from these games or hoping for a real jackpot. And continue to believe that over and over again, and have heard all sorts of stories about people who have played the lottery for decades and actually ended up winning the big prize.

Don’t miss any opportunity

Do you know how many times you miss your chance when you don’t even know if the ticket you bought won or not, but with online buying you definitely won’t miss your chance when it comes. If you get three or four of these times, you’ll definitely do better next time.

Entertaining and fun

It is said that about 60% of players worldwide play the lottery. Most of these players have the same dream of just winning enough money to help them live comfortably for the rest of their lives. Among them, there are many people who like lottery tickets because they like to play lottery as a form of entertainment and if they win big, both parties benefit. It would be great if one day your hobby turns you into a billionaire.

Change your life in just a snap

A lottery jackpot will definitely change your life for the better forever if you are careful and skillful in taking care of your money. Money problems for you and your family will be a thing of the past. Imagine paying off your debt and buying a new house or car without much thought. You can also pay the expenses so the whole family can live unhindered and not worry about their money or future.


Above are the reasons to answer players’ questions Should I buy lottery tickets or not?. Hopefully lottery tickets can make everyone’s life better.

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